Farewell Fix Updates
Posted on February 23rd, 2009

Out-of-character update time.

I'm keeping a running update of the progress I make on producing the card, which can be checked out here.

Other than that, I encourage all former OLWers to hang out on the forums and talk and stuff. Segs (even for people who weren't booked) are being accepted until 24 hours AFTER the matches are all finished.

OLW Presents: Farewell Fix lineup
Posted on January 11th, 2009

The lineup for Farewell fix was posted on the official OLW forums rather than on the Card page. You can view the lineup here.

Actually, Farewell Fix lineup was released on the forums before the Christmas break, so there's also some promotional footage available for viewing.

Bringing Awesome Back, for one night only
Posted on December 1st, 2008

Right then.

As time goes on, I still have absolutely no inclination to fedhead again, and I begin to think that this is permanent. So before too much time passes, before the handlers that made OLW what it is get scattered in the wind, we're gonna do this one last time. Give OLW a proper send-off and all that.

One last card.

You can head to the Official OLW Forums for the good word.

As for some other stuff. I updated the title histories so that they show the title reigns through the end of OLW. I am working on the rosters, updating them to get all the OLW superstars of past and present on them. Currently I've finished the singles, but am still working on the tag team and manager sections.

Posted on September 4th, 2008

So it finally happened. Jeff, that guy who never stops, that guy who's been in efedding non-stop for the last 8 years, has done the unthinkable. He closed his fed.

Trying to think why I decided to close now, when OLW has one of the strongest rosters since the NWC's heyday and is in the middle of a rebirth, when I've got all the talent in it I could ask for... the reason is because I am tired of the obligation. The feeling that I can't close, the feeling that I have to keep doing this because no one else will, no one else wants to step up.

Throughout my 8 year efed career I've struggled with burnout, and the way I've always dealt with it before was to ignore it and keep going... so what if the results got late and I lost a few people over it, I could always rebuild later. But the burnout gets worse, it gets more frequent, and this last time around I took a 2 month break and then produced one single set of results before being sick and tired of efedding again.

No, I didn't want to keep running OLW, I felt like I was obligated to keep running it.

And now I'm done. OLW is closed.

Will I even consider letting someone else run OLW? Absolutely not. If someone wants to try and keep the band together and open a new fed, feel free, you've got my blessing and I might even help out with the website. But OLW's my baby and I'm not letting anyone else run it for me.

Joe has opened his Burning River Wrestling fed, that's a good enough place to head. Justin's got Wrestlecoast Cascadia, and there's a couple places to go in the WfWA of course.

And the final question - will OLW ever reopen?

Probably yes. When I closed IWA 4 years ago, it took me approximately 3 weeks to want to reopen. But at the same time I'm not setting a return date. A vacation isn't a vacation when you spend all your time counting down the days until you have to reenter the rat race.

And that's about all there is to say.

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