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Title: Sunnydale Elementary

Author: Margie

Rating: G

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/T (friendship - they're only in the 3rd grade people!)

Summary: What if the gang had met back in 3rd grade? AU, everybody's human. Giles is Spike's dad.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the elementary series found at


Chapter 7 -

Buffy was so excited! Mr. Giles was going to be giving out their parts for the school play this year. They were doing her favorite. The Wizard of Oz! She so wanted to be Dorothy! Her mom thought that she was too young for it. But she wasn’t afraid of all the monsters and witches, she thought the whole thing was great! And Dorothy was so cool! She wasn’t afraid of any of them.


William was waiting patiently in his seat. As patient as he got anyway. Toying with the idea of pulling Goldilocks’ hair again. His dad was about to tell them who they go to be in the stupid play. Wizard of Oz! What a dumb movie! Witches and flying monkeys. Hah! He hoped Xander got to be a flying monkey! That would be perfect for him! "Ouch!" he cried as he received an impatient punch from Buffy after tugging on one of her curls.


Xander laughed. Buffy sure hated that William. He was such a jerk sometimes. His attention was drawn away by the girl sitting to his left. He didn’t know why Anya hung out with him at all. She was such a nice girl, even if she didn’t always think before she spoke. He was still embarrassed about the time when he had accidentally bumped into her and knocked her down during lunch. As he helped her up she had said "Thank you Xander. Even though you’re extremely clumsy and goofy you can be very nice sometimes." And smiled sweetly at him. He did have a goofy grin on his face as he thought about it.


Anya was sitting quietly at her desk waiting to find out who she got to be in the play. She didn’t understand plays very much. Why do people want to pretend to be other people? Aren’t they happy with being themselves? She snuck a peak at Xander. He had that goofy grin on his face again. She thought it was sweet, if a little silly. But he was always nice to her. She still remembered him giving her his sandwich at the museum. And the way he had turned beet red when she had thanked him with a kiss. Boys! She didn’t understand them. She was just saying thank you! Xander had turned toward her during her musings and she smiled at him. His face turned bright red before he turned away. "Silly Xander!" she thought as she turned her attention back to Mr. Giles.


Willow was taking notes as Mr. Giles told them about the play. She had never seen the Wizard of Oz but she thought it sounded kind of interesting. And Buffy said it was her favorite. So it must be pretty good. Mr. Giles was explaining that they weren’t going to be doing the whole play, just bits and pieces. The assembly wasn’t going to be long enough for them to do the whole thing. Willow heard Buffy’s sad sigh at the news. She turned to smile at her best friend, but found her engaged in another battle with Will. She sighed herself and turned back to her notes.


Tara was watching Willow’s solo exchange with Buffy sadly. She really wanted to be better friends with them, but she couldn’t bring herself to even say hello to them most of the time. She couldn’t believe that they hadn’t gotten in trouble for letting out Bert and Ernie the other day. She was so glad that Buffy and William had come in when they had. Although it was very scary for her, "she hated getting in trouble!", she was glad she got to spend some time with Willow. She knew about everything. It was like she had read every book that was ever written. And she was so nice to her when she had started crying the other day. She even gave her a hug. She smiled as she looked over at Willow who also glanced up at the time. Tara blushed and looked back down at her desk.


"Okay everyone. When I call your name please come up and I will give you your assignments. " Mr. Giles had a stack of papers on his desk. He started calling out names and handing the papers to each person. When it was Buffy’s turn she squealed!


"I get to be Dorothy!!! Yay!!!" She skipped back to her desk. It turned out that the papers that Mr. Giles was giving out were the scripts for the scenes they had to do. She had three scenes. One with the Tin Man, one with Cowardly Lion, and one with the Scarecrow. She wondered who would get to play the scenes with her. But at the moment she was too happy and excited about her part to pay attention to who got the other parts. She wanted to run home and tell her mom right away!


"It’s just a stupid play Goldilocks!" Spike murmured to her as she sat back down. He plucked her scripts out of her hand before she had a chance to stop him. "Ooh! You get to be Dorothy!" he mocked her. "Wonder what stupid nancy boy gets to be the Tin Man? You have to kiss him on the cheek! Hope he’s been vaccinated!" He stuck his tongue out at her.


"Stop it Spike head!" She ripped the papers away from him and put them in her desk before turning back to Spike. "You’re just jealous!" She punched him lightly on the shoulder. She was kind of shocked by what he said. She didn’t realize she would have to kiss anybody. Even if it was just on the cheek. She had never kissed anybody but her mom! She could feel the blush creeping up her cheeks as she turned back to Mr. Giles.


"William. Come up please." Before Will could say anything back to Buffy his dad was calling him to the front. "Bloody heck!" He cried when he looked down at the papers that his dad had given him.


"William! Watch your language. You go stand in the corner for five minutes!" He gave his son a light slap on his backside as he went. Mr. Giles couldn’t believe his son lately. He was turning into a regular helion!


As he passed his desk Spike through the papers down. He huffed his way back into the corner to await his penalty time. Buffy was curious. She wanted to know what had made Spike curse like that. In front of his dad too! She reached down to check what scripts he had and what his part was going to be.


"Oh no!!" She cried softly to herself. Spike was the Tin Man!




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