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Title: Sunnydale Elementary

Author: Margie

Rating: G

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/T (friendship - they're only in the 3rd grade people!)

Summary: What if the gang had met back in 3rd grade? AU, everybody's human. Giles is Spike's dad.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the elementary series found at


Chapter 6 -

Tara was sitting on the swings waiting for Willow to show up. It was their week to take care of Bert and Ernie (the class guinea pigs). They both decided to come to school fifteen minutes early to feed them and make sure their drinking water was clean and everything.


Tara liked to come to school early. There was hardly anybody on the playground and she could just sit there and not worry about having to talk to people. The only people she knew well enough not to get too shy around were Anya and William. She giggled thinking of Buffy’s nickname for him. "Spike!" she said softly with a smile.


She thought it was funny because William kept saying how much he hated it but Tara knew that he really liked it. Otherwise he wouldn’t spend so much time teasing Buffy to make her tease him back. She got along well with Anya and Will because they both seemed to dislike being around people as much as she did. Well. Not really dislike. She just wasn’t very comfortable around them.


She sat swinging silently lost in thought. Before she knew it Willow was tapping her on the shoulder, smiling down at her.


"Hey Tara! Are you ready? I’m sorry I’m late. My mom was making my sandwich and then she ripped the bread all up by accident so she had to start all over. And then she forgot my juice! So it just took forever! But it won’t take too long to take care of Bert and Ernie. We won’t have to change their water or anything today. Just feed them and change the paper." Willow was talking so fast that Tara couldn’t have gotten a word in even if she had wanted to.


Tara just smiled and nodded as she listened to Willow talk about all the books she had read on guinea pigs and what they eat and where they live and how many different kinds there were. She knew a lot!


When they got to the classroom Willow handed her the food. "T-thanks." She took a scoop and was putting it into the cage as Willow started to replace the newspaper at the bottom. Bert and Ernie were happily chasing each other around while the girls worked.


Before Willow could close the cage door again Bert suddenly decided he wanted some freedom. He jumped out the door and onto the floor. Willow let out an "eek!" and Tara just made an "O" with her mouth. While they were busy eek-ing and o-ing Ernie decided to join Bert and now they were both running around the floor of the classroom!


Willow shouted at Tara to chase Ernie since she was going after Bert. They both went into action. Tara started chasing Ernie down the row of seats but whenever she got close to him he would just run right out of her reach. Willow was having the same problem with Bert!


Finally the two girls were out of breath. They were standing at the front of the classroom. They could see Bert and Ernie in the back having a party. Tara’s eyes started to fill-up because she was afraid they were going to get in trouble. Willow noticed and patted her on the back.


"Don’t worry Tara. We’ll catch them before Mr. Giles gets here. It’ll be okay." She was rubbing Tara’s back trying to calm her down. She gave her a quick hug before saying, "Okay I have plan!" Tara could almost see the light bulb go off above Willow’s head. It made her feel better.


"Let’s empty one of the crayon trays. Then we can sneak up and throw the tray on top of them! They’ll be easy to catch then, " Tara thought that was a great idea. So they dumped all the crayons into one container and took the other.


Instead of going straight at Bert and Ernie, Tara and Willow went around all the seats and came up from the far corner of the room. Before the guinea pigs knew what happened they were trapped in the container!


Willow was glad to see Tara smiling when she looked up. She didn’t like it when Tara cried. She was so nice!


"O-oh oh." Tara looked up at Willow, "how do we g-get them out?"


Hmm. Willow hadn’t thought of that. "Maybe we should wait until Mr. Giles gets here? He can put them back. At least we caught them again."


Tara felt like crying again. They were going to get in trouble for sure!


"Oh! Don’t cry! Okay I have another idea!" Willow was thinking fast trying to keep Tara from getting anymore upset.


Just then Buffy and William walked into the classroom. Tara looked up and thought "William! Oh no! Mr. Giles is here!" The tears started spill. Will and Buffy ran over to them to see what was the matter.


"Hi Wills. Hi Tara. What’s wrong?" Buffy looked at them with concern. Her little brows furrowed together.


"Hey Tara. Red. " Will looked down to see the container wiggling on the floor. "What’s in there?"


"B-bert * sniffle * and * sniffle * Ernie!" Tara cried. Willow had her arm around her and was hugging her. "Your d-dad is going to be so m-mad!"


"Don’t worry Tara we’ll take care of it!" Buffy and Will said at the same time.


They looked at each other and stuck their tongues out before bending down toward the container.


"Let’s all stand around the tray and when Spike lifts it we’ll just grab them up!"


"Shut up Goldilocks!" Will bristled at his nickname.


"Just do it Spike head!" Buffy stood with her hands on her hips in her "you better do what I say" stance.


They stood around the container and as Spike picked it up Buffy, Willow, and Tara reached out to grab the guinea pigs. Tara grabbed Bert and Buffy was able to get Ernie. They were squealing and struggling as they brought them back to their cage.


"Thanks guys!" "T-thanks!" Willow and Tara said at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled with relief. As they walked back to their seats Tara whispered "Thanks W-willow" before sitting down.


"Good Morning." Mr. Giles called to the students as he entered the classroom his hands full of books.




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