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Title: Sunnydale Elementary

Author: Margie

Rating: G

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/T (friendship - they're only in the 3rd grade people!)

Summary: What if the gang had met back in 3rd grade? AU, everybody's human. Giles is Spike's dad.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the elementary series found at


Chapter 8 -

William was sitting under his tree looking out onto the playground. He could see Buffy sitting at the top of the jungle gym with Willow and monkey boy. She had her hair in pigtails again. Ever since she found out she was going to be Dorothy she wore her hair in pigtails every day. He hated it! It was so much harder to get a hold of without her noticing!


"Hi William."


Will looked up to find Tara standing next to him. "Hiya Glinda."


Tara giggled and sat down. "Will! You’re so silly! Why do you keep calling me that?"


"That’s your name, innit?" He grinned at her.


"Only in the play! Do you want me to call you Tin Man?" Tara laughed.


"Nah! That’s a nancy boy name. Glinda’s a good name. Suits you. You could be a fairy witch type."


Tara blushed and looked down. Will was so nice! She didn’t know what else to say, so she just looked around the playground. Spying Willow at the top of the jungle gym, she smiled. They had parts together in the play. So Willow had asked her if she wanted to rehearse a couple of times after school. Today was going to be their first rehearsal together. She was nervous but happy that she got to spend some time with Willow. She was hoping that they would get to be better friends.


Willow noticed Tara looking over at them and waved down at her. She saw Tara wave shyly back and then turn away. Just then Xander poked her in the side hitting her ticklish spot. She giggled and swatted him on the shoulder yelling "Xander! Quit it!" She started to lose her balance and almost fell off the jungle gym until Buffy grabbed her.


"Careful Wills! If you break your arm you won’t be able to play the Wicked Witch!" Buffy smiled at Willow as she steadied her. "You got such a cool part!"


"Yeah. My part sucks! I’m not a coward!"


Willow patted Xander on the head trying to soothe his pouty face away. "Don’t worry Xander. We don’t think you’re a coward!"


"Look there’s Anya." Xander pointed down at the girl walking by them. "HI ANYA!" He yelled at her as he waved. Suddenly losing his balance he tumbled to the ground landing on his oh-so sensitive bottom.


"Ouch!!" Buffy and Willow were next to him in seconds.


"Are you okay Xander?" They were both helping him up and talking at once. When he looked up Anya was smiling at him.


"Silly Xander!" Anya giggled and continued on her way.

Anya was humming as she skipped over to Will and Tara. When she got their she flopped down to take a seat next to Will on the ground.


"You look all floppy. Are you ready to play your part?" Tara asked quietly.


"I guess so. I don’t really understand why we’re doing the play. Or how they expect scarecrows to walk and talk. I think it’s all very silly!" Anya still didn’t understand why people wanted to pretend to be other people. Or other things in her case. At least she got some funny scenes with silly Xander!


"Maybe the scarecrow’s a demon. Maybe that’s why he can talk." William gave her a devious grin.


"Don’t be silly! Demons wouldn’t want to posses a scarecrow. They live in a field and don’t have any money!" Anya shook her head at Will.


"Okay demon girl!" Will smirked.


Tara was giggling quietly to herself. She always thought it was so funny when Will and Anya started arguing. Will was so calm and collected and Anya was so, well, Anya. It always made her laugh.


Just then the bell rang and all the students headed back toward the class. Will looked up to see Xander holding Buffy and Willow’s hands as they skipped back to class. He grimaced and stuck his tongue out at Xander when he thought nobody was looking. ‘Stupid monkey boy!’ he thought.


"Will, why are you sticking your tongue out at Xander?" Anya was puzzled. She hadn’t seen Xander do anything to Will.


Will blushed, embarrassed that he had been caught. "’Cause…’cause…he’s a bleedin’ nancy boy! Look at ‘im. Skipping! Guys aren’t ‘opposed to skip! Just nancy boys!"


Tara was surprised that Will would be so mean. He was always so nice to her. But then she remembered that he was also pretty mean to Buffy most of the time. Maybe that’s why he was so mad. They hadn’t fought all morning. Maybe he wanted to fight with her and Xander was hogging up all her time? ‘That must be it’ she thought, as they made their way back to class.




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