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Another Day in the Studio...with very little mention of the Gangsta Goat.


10:52 am

"a dime. that's like 10 pennies." adam gave us that gem of a quote and has been the source of most of our humor thus far today. it was his bright idea to play the drums with pennies...but no dimes.

adam is the same guy who burned his plastic pants by standing too close to the space heater. it's cold.

we got here around 8am...that, adam and mike did. justin and kyle and jay didn't get here until almost 1oam because they were drunk and didn't have an alarm.

also...a fun fact...adam hasn't "rubbed one off' in nearly a week because he thought he was going to get some this weekend...he didn't.




having just finished all my feels pretty good. i spent the entire time with a guitar strap around my head in order to keep the head phones on. hence..."ninja spector" or "you look like a fool" was my new title. towards the end of my session my phone rang. it was some guy looking for clark. i told him clark was out and would be back later.




i just noticed how pink it is in here. one of the lights is out. it's starting to get cold. at least the beer will be cold. super phaser and death metal pedals are by the paper towels. the bass is very loud. jay's breasts are getting really big. that sure is a big roll of carpet. the couch is on cinder blocks. adam is sleeping on the couch. no mention of the goat lately; that god for that. there is a can of country scent glade by the speaker. who are they trying to fool. there is a stack of plastic cups on the floor, in the corner of the room by the door. it is very dirty over there. three months. i think there's still another box of donuts we didn't open. now the time is 5:24pm. adam is still asleep.




i am done with bass tracks now. most only took one take. it took forever to set up though. i thought adam was asleep so i told kyle to tell mike to "yokozuna" him, but it turns out he wasn't asleep and got mad. yokozuna-ing someone is when you put your bare ass on their passed out face. mikey is setting up to record his guitar  now. we're drinking coors which reminds me of my grandpa. justin left to get sleep. i haven't pooed yet. this will make sense to only three other people...neighbor wars was the lamest idea ever.




mike is about to do his vocal take and he's being a bitch because me and andrew keep making fun of him. but that's not important. all that matters is that andrew and i can no longer hump the cow. he was taken away after we humped him silly for an entire day...god i'll miss that cow.




the cow is threatening to commit suicide after being sexually abused by the band members all day.

-catie (jay's girlfriend)



the cow finds out she has been impregnated by one of the band members - she is not happy! she also can't get the sticky stuff off of her! bad buzz spectors! bad! she doesn't think she can go on!


p.s. i don't think i can be a  fan of the band that makes my cow want to die.


...that was our day...kind of...i don't think this offers any insight into the band and that you just wasted a couple of minutes of your time.



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