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For those of you who don't check our site often we now offer this handy reference tool. It allows the hardcore fan, the semi-hardcore fan, and even the occasional dabbler or web prowler a chance to fill in the blanks on the happenings of the buzz spectors...(officially started 12/2/02...anything before this you wanted to know will require a bit more leg work.)



The Buzz Spectors Get Charitable...The Buzz Spectors will be performing as part of a benefit concert for Tsunami Relief on February 25th @ NIU. Visit the shows page for complete info.





The Buzz Spectors Rock Riverside Receptions...Visit the shows archive for complete details.




Mikey Spector Graduates from Columbia...Last Thursday Mikey Spector became the first Buzz Spector to earn a Bachelor's Degree. If you see him, please congratulate him in the form of an alcoholic beverage.





The Buzz Spectors are Wedding Singers?!?...You know what's scary? I don't even know the people who are on the front page of our site. I just googled "wedding photos" and copy and pasted that photo. Congratulations to the mystery couple. So who got married? Andrew Spector's dad did, way back in October. They're just getting around to celebrating now though, so The Buzz Spectors will be rocking the reception on January 29th. For obvious reasons it's not open to the public, but it'll be one hell of a show with lots of new covers (Sorry Kelsey) and a drunken mishap or seven.


Andrew Spector's New Solo Creation...Andrew Spector will be recording some new songs as well as putting together some old songs that have never been released to complete a new album at some point in the spring or summer. Nate Hubble of world-renowned Troubled Hubble will be helping out on the drums!


Updates will be occurring sporadically...I sense the general malaise toward this site and am going to work on making this site more interesting in the upcoming weeks. The first thing I did was update the links page with some of my new favorites (Taco Ninja, Maddox) as well as the sentimental (read my girlfriend's poetry, it's amazing). I also updated the bios. That's all, I miss you...Andrew Spector





Happy Belated New Year's...Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable New Year's and got a kiss from something other than a toilet bowl. To a 2005 that sees an end to war and other poor presidential decisions, raise your glasses!





House Show Cancelled...Due to The House closing its doors on 12/5, the Buzz Spectors' 12/6 show was unfortunately cancelled. Where will the hippies work now?


Work Begins on Fourth Album...The Buzz Spectors will begin work on their fourth album, tentatively titled Rock N' Roll Briefcase, over Christmas Break.





Finally updated...After months of toiling and tears, the website files are accessible again. Sorry for all five of you that checked it regularly, crossing your fingers for new little tidbits of info.


We didn't break up...Despite the rumors that are going around, the Buzz Spectors are still a band, and are still all accounted for. As for the great Kyle debate, your opinions are well respected, but Mikey and Andrew are not reclaiming lead vocal duties.




Rumors of Shows...For those of you who still breath the air of slacker-alternapunk, we will be reemerging shortly to play a couple of shows, Timmapalooza in the end of July an Dawg Daze in late August. Unfortunately people aren't as good about letting me know the details as they used to be, so please keep your Spector senses sharpened to catch the dates, times, and other details worthy of note.  


Nostalgia...Was it really 9 years ago today that Andrew played his first show with Miasma, the band that eventually brought him and Chad Linane together, which eventually brought them and Mike Belec together, which eventually resulted in the Buzz Spectors? It was indeed. The years have formed a twisted road and I wouldn't trade any of it for your Yu Gi Oh cards. This would also be the night that I became Rockin Romeo. If you're out there Jammin Juliet, I hope all is well. --Andrew


Newer Random Update...Goo. The Buzz Spectors are super amped to play this Saturday. We will be playing fairly early in the day, so please make sure to pack your lunch and get to the farm, pump your arm, rub your good luck charm, as we rock out by the barn. Bring food and drinks of your choice...ours will be alcoholic and we certainly won't share with any underage peoples. We will also be grillin like villains. Lots o' meat. Delicious. Hope to see you all there. Don't forget your sunblock. Oh...and if it's rainy don't let that deter you, we'll just play inside.  WE'LL BE SCHEDULING MORE SHOWS SOON, so keep stopping by.


Random Update...For all of you missing your mighty Buzz Spectors, here is what's going on in our world. We had our first practice together since February on May 8th and it went horribly wrong. Picture us sounding the worst you've ever heard us play and multiply it by infinity and then add 4 and that's about what we sounded like. We contemplated becoming a Contemporary Christian band because then at least we'd have faith on our side, but we drank beer and ate Taco Bell instead. We returned rejuvinated and tequilla free on the 15th and rocked in true form. Have no fear Spectormaniacs, the rocque will commeth in June.


The Buzz Spectors Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine...Ben Spector, the 14-year-old son of the real Buzz Spector doesn't think the Buzz Spectors are very good. He says so on a website you can access by clicking on this sentence. You should also take a look at the rest of the site, he seems to be quite witty.

The Buzz Spectors Are Now On Pure Volume...Since the fall of, there have been no downloadable Buzz Spectors' songs on the internet...until now. By clicking on the Pure Volume link on the side bar, you can get two songs, "That Is Cool" and "Messing With My Mind" off their most recent album, Attacked By Ninjas. New, unavailable recordings will be coming soon, as well as other tweaks.


Local Music Scene Loses One of Its Own...Jer Misiaveg, of former DeKalb rockgods Bicycle Day recently passed away. Camp Buzz Spector has nothing but great memories of this guitarist/fine gentleman. Although we only played with them a couple of times, it was agreed upon that Bicycle Day were musical geniuses ahead of their time. Troubled Hubble has devoted space on their message board to remember Jer...please stop by and leave your kind words...


Happy St. Patrick's Day...The Buzz Spectors would like to wish everyone a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day full of Irish cheer and Irish beer. And remember, when running down to your Guinness tree be sure not to trample those around you.

Silly Spectormaniacs, Breaking Up Is For Bennifer...It has been brought to the attention of The Buzz Spectors that people are concerned the hiatus is really a delayed breakup. Let us assure all of you that this is not the case. Mikey Spector, Eric Spector, and Andrew Spector are all using their newly acquired free time to focus on their studies, while Adam Spector is drinking a little more than the lot he usually drinks and is teaching Kyle Spector all the songs. The Buzz Spectors will be coming back to run wild on all that doubt us, and you will all throw your underwear at us and scream like we were the Beatles on Sullivan. Believe that!!! 

Lots of Little Tweaks...Please take a look around. Andrew took some time to fix a lot of the tiny things that were bothering him on the site.


Kyle Richards Claims Left Arm...While many people speculated that The Buzz Spectors announcement of a new lead singer would result in the resurrection of Tupac Shakur, it turned out that the real lead singer was Kyle Richards. Richards has been associated with the band for many years as a member of Ten Cent Limes/Tragic Flaw and the Diuretics and was also  the man behind their most recent album, Attacked By Ninjas. Richards will fit in well with the band...his voice sounds like a more talented mixture of Mikey and Andrew, and more importantly , he drinks like a champion. One only needs to refer to his Fourth of July tequilla consumption to know he was the only logical choice. 


A Fifth Member is Welcomed To The Buzz Spectors...After weeks of speculation, it is true that the Buzz Spectors are a five piece band for the first time since they played at Mock Rock in 1997. The new member has been involved in several notable local bands in the past few years, and will be taking over lead vocal duties. The new singer will perform two songs with The Buzz Spectors at their show on February 28th, and will take over lead vocals for future shows. For those of you who cannot wait to figure out who this mystery person is, I have provided his/her left arm.

Lily Tomlin, Englebert Humperdink, and The Buzz Spectors...

The aforementioned performers all have which of the following in common?

A. They all live in Illinois

B. They all can speak French

C. They all have ten fingers and ten toes.

D. They have performed/will perform at the Copley Theatre in 2004.

E. C  and  D


Andrew Spector Strips for a Cheeseburger...In the late nineties Andrew Spector took off his shirt during the Foo Fighters set at the Q101 Jamboree. A young lady put a dollar in the elastic of his boxers and he saved it as it was the only dollar he would probably ever make from taking his clothes off. Today in line at the Wendy's drive thru he realized he had no money in his wallet and had to spend that dollar. It twas a sad day indeed.


The Return of Local Chaos...Ah yes, the WONC 89.1 show that spins the likes of us is alive and well. You can request your favorite Buzz Spectors songs from 8-10 pm on Wednesday nights. Don't be shy. Click here to find out all the info to help make our band well known, sought after, sexy, financially stable, etc.


Parking Ticket Spector...Of all things stupid, Adam Spector was issued a parking ticket while he and Andrew Spector were waiting to load in to the Fireside show on Friday. The catch...THEY WERE IN THE VEHICLE. Members of The Medic also got a ticket as they were parking behind Adam. After that debacle of a start, The Buzz Spectors went on to play a great show.

Get Your T-Shirt Here...There are only two Attacked By Ninjas Tour shirts left. Both are size large and green with white print. If you are interested in obtaining one of the last two shirts, please contact us at


How Insulting...Yesterday, Andrew Spector left his house to find that his car had been broken into. His stereo and the majority of the CDs were stolen, as well as various other odds and ends. Among the stolen CDs, were those of local artists Troubled Hubble, Mt. St. Helens, 15 Minutes Late, Bosio, and Kansas City friends Jakespoon and The Retardeds...the three CDs they left behind were Coldplay, Rainer Maria, and THE BUZZ SPECTORS-ATTACKED BY NINJAS.

Photo Opinion...In other random news, Andrew Spector could be featured in today's Photo Opinion section of The Kane County Chronicle. The question...What are you doing New Year's Eve?


Random Update...Ah, it's almost 2004 and boy do Spaghettios taste good. In case you haven't noticed the shows page is looking quite sparse. The Buzz Spectors are going to be playing far less shows this year in an effort to increase interest and continue to work on the craft that is songwriting. Please make it a point to attend each and every show...we promise to be good. Also, no word on the status of Mad World and So Long...both were recorded in August, but complications have arisen due to a Springerlike scenario among the engineers. I will be updating the site with random silliness...the Adam Lingo page is coming soon, and Mikey has many interesting images to contribute to our front page. Sorry to all who were scared by Michael Jackson. Hope to see everyone at Fireside on Friday- Andrew Spector


The Buzz Spectors Return To Fireside Bowl...The Buzz Spectors will be playing Fireside Bowl on the evening of Friday, January 2nd with The Lost Boys (Get Around Records) and The Medic. The doors open at 5:30pm and The Buzz Spectors should go on second. It's all ages and should cost $7. Many people say The Buzz Spectors have played their best two shows at Fireside, so this is not to be missed. 

(12/04/03) Is No Longer...Corporate super powers CNET destroyed, and for the meantime the only way to hear The Buzz Spectors is to buy the albums. Alternate options are under consideration.

Mikey Spector and the Mystery Woman...Anyone who's close to The Buzz Spectors might have seen Mikey with a woman by his side in recent weeks. While the exact title of this collaboration is not clear as of press this would lead many to assume that Adam Spector can now also be referred to as Single Spector.

Nintendo Games Wanted...Andrew Spector is currently collecting 8 bit Nintendo games...if you have games you'd like to get rid of, please contact him @


Vanilla Ice, Tesla, The Verve Pipe and The Buzz Spectors?!?...Okay, now that your attention belongs to this blurb it will all become clear. The Buzz Spectors will be venturing into the city on Sunday December 7th to be a part of Expose TV. The show, hosted by Susan Russell, has had all of the aforementioned guests on in the past, and The Buzz Spectors are honored to become a part of such a celebrated list of musicians.

Never Trust A Buzz Spector...Okay, so some of you might be wondering why The Buzz Spectors dramatically claimed they would be on hiatus the rest of the year following their November 22nd show, only to be playing Elgin Community College on December 10th. Well, the truth is, the show was scheduled after that declaration was made, and it's a day show, so The Buzz Spectors are on hiatus from playing night shows for the rest of the year...technicalities rule.

Andrew Spector Hears Skater Boi for the first time...It's true, he had avoided it until today, although he had heard many people sing it and mock it prior to this encounter. "I don't listen to the radio," was Andrew's excuse for this strange circumstance. Later he was caught humming the chorus and cursing under his breath.

Ulcer Spector...Recently, Adam Spector was diagnosed with an ulcer. It is unclear at this time how this will affect his future alcohol related adventures. 

The Return of Andrew Spector's Les Paul...As some of you may remember, Andrew threw his Les Paul over his head as he walked off stage at Otto's in DeKalb this past January. The alcohol related incident destroyed the tuning heads and one of the pickups. However, with many kind contributions, the guitar is currently getting fixed in St. Louis. A flying V guitar has also been added into the bands repertoire due to their innate ability to destroy D strings.


Many Changes Coming In Camp Spector...For those of you who fear change, please quit reading now. The Buzz Spectors will be holding a state of the band address this week to make strategical changes in the future look, sound, and marketing of the band. They will be playing three more shows this month at Gunther Murphy's, Wheaton Grand Theater, and Subculture Skatepark and then taking a month long hiatus...stay tuned.


New Photos Added...Now you can check out the Buzz Spectors CD release show at Fireside as well as their recent appearance at Prodigal Son.


The Buzz Spectors get reviewed by Pearl...The popular DeKalb zine had kind words to say about The Buzz Spectors' most recent release, Attacked By Ninjas. Click here for the full review or go to DeKalb and get your own.


"Glorious Beercan" graces Q101 in all its glory...The live favorite was the first Buzz Spectors song to ever be played on Q101. The surprising part was that it was played unedited.


The Buzz Spectors will be on Local 101...While this is not a guarantee, rumors are swirling that the Buzz Spectors will finally grace the airwaves of Q101 this Sunday during the hour long local show that begins at 9pm. The group has been in correspondence with the show's host, Chris Payne. When asked if the band would sell out if given the chance, Adam responded, "In a heartbeat."

The Buzz Spectors are featured in The Sun...The Buzz Spectors are in the paper again, and members agree this is the best article to date, so if you get a chance to stop and grab a paper in St. Charles or Geneva, please do. The article was written by the very talented Rachael Liberman, whose only fault was spelling Andrew's last name wrong.


The Buzz Spectors are featured in The St. Charles Republican...The Buzz Spectors prominently appeared in this week's issue of the Republican on the same page as the movie listings, thus they are confident that many people will see their pretty faces.

Order Attacked By Ninjas Through the website...For those of you who cannot make it to the shows or Kiss the Sky, there is now a way for you to conveniently order the new album. Please visit the Shop Section for details.


Andrew Spector speaks out on file sharing...For those of you who have access to Butler University's Butler Collegian newspaper, Andrew Spector shared his views on file sharing and appeared to sound reasonably intelligent. For those of you who can't access a hard copy, click here to see the article.


False Spectors/Buzz Intent a No Go...For those of you who got all excited about the last posting, here is a big slice of disappointment. JJ was not into the idea of The Wheaton Grand Theatre show, so the aforementioned super-lineup will never see the light of day. However please email Dan Prasil @ to bug him incessantly in hopes that he will finish producing the song "Left Behind". It's Andrew's favorite.


False Intent Is No Longer...For those of you who haven't heard, as of this past weekend False Intent is no longer. Dan and company played several shows with the Buzz Spectors and they will be missed. However, they will be playing one more show together on October 5th at the Wheaton Grand Theatre. Andrew and Eric Spector will join Dan and JJ for their final set.

Rock Over London to appear on Capgun Records Comp...For those of you getting your fix on Attacked By Ninjas, more new Buzz Spectors music is on the way. Over the past two weeks they returned to Burning Cow Records to record three tracks...Rock Over London, So Long, and Mad World. Rock Over London will be the first to surface on the Capgun Records Compilation. Visit for more info...plans for the other two songs are still in the works.


Attacked By Ninjas now available at Kiss the Sky...That's right kids, now you can sing along to all the hits in your car or in the privacy of your own abode. Stop by Kiss the Sky (59 S. Randall Rd. in Batavia) to pick up your copy of Attacked By Ninjas for the fine price of $7.


Buzz Spector emails the Buzz Spectors...Yesterday Buzz Spector contacted the Buzz Spectors and invited them to his art exhibit next week in Chicago. He seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about the band. Click here to see the email.


Lyrics posted for Attacked By Ninjas...Just in time for the CD release show, you can now learn the lyrics to all the songs on the new CD. The show will now be full of cheesy singalong opportunities. 

Adam and Eric featured in Kane County Chronicle...The Monday Chronicle featured a lovely color photo of the two rocking hard at Dawg Daze. 


The Buzz Spectors to appear on WRRG tonight...The Buzz Spectors will be on WRRG 88.9 from 11pm - midnight this evening to promote the Attacked By Ninjas cd release show. They will be playing songs off the new album, offering witty banter and performing an acoustic version of "Mad World"...if you're in the area please tune in. 


CD Release Date Announced...Conveniently, The Buzz Spectors will have their new album, Attacked By Ninjas, available at their Fireside Show on Sunday, August 31st. Please visit the message board to find a ride if you need one, or offer rides if you have extra space.

 The Buzz Spectors will return to DeKalb... The Buzz Spectors will return to DeKalb, IL to play the House on Friday, October 10th. This will be their first appearance there since Andrew's infamous Les Paul breaking incident at Otto's last January. Rounding out the bill will be local favorites Where's Jimmy K At? as well as The Retardeds, coming out from KC for the weekend. You can also catch the Retardeds with the Buzz Spectors and Wanamaker the following night at Prodigal Son in Chicago. See the shows page for details.


More Fame...this time they got a color photo...The Buzz Spectors graced the front page of the Neighbor section of Thursday's Daily Herald. The color photo at the top of the page listed them as one of the "Young Pups" bands performing at Batavia's Dawg Daze on Saturday, August 23rd, and an article about the event accompanied the photo.




Fireside + Recording = Busy Day... Sunday, August 31st will be a busy day for the Buzz Spectors. They had already agreed to return to Burning Cow Studios to record two to three new tracks and have since been invited to open for The New Constitution at Fireside Bowl that evening. In typical rock fashion, the Buzz Spectors will fulfill both commitments.




The Buzz Spectors at Downtown Alive...Due to the unfortunate rib injury of Dan Prasil, False Intent was forced to give up there set at Downtown Alive in Aurora on August 8th. Fortunately the spot was given to The Buzz Spectors, who will in turn bring the rock from hour of 6-7 pm.




--The Buzz Spectors and the radio finally hook up...


You can now request songs of the new album, Attacked By Ninjas on WONC 89.1. Please let them know that you simply cannot breathe without hearing them on a regular basis. For details, please click here.


--Timmapalooza Gets a New Home... 


For those of you that know Timmy Olson, you know how exciting Timmapalooza can be, which is why we were devastated to find out it was going to be cancelled. Fortunately, the show has found a new home in Elgin and will still be taking place on August 16th. Please check the shows page for details.





--Another Brush With Fame...


We are mentioned in today's issue of the Kane County Chronicle. The article is about our good friends Troubled Hubble and inappropriately titled "Troubled Times". 


--Introducing...Chinchilla Protest


For those of you that follow the actions of The Buzz Spectors on a fairly regular basis, you might remember our good friends from Kansas City, Jakespoon. Well, they broke up many moons ago, but Chinchilla Protest has risen from its ashes. Lead singer and guitarist Zach Hodson is once again dabbling in the Jakespoon repertoire as well as many new songs with a supergroup that will rock the pants of the Chicago area in the near future. 




--The Cd is completely finished...


Since many fans have been craving the new disc like a heroin junkie craves his next fix, the good news for all of them/you is that the disc is completely finished...(recorded, mastered, put in the correct order). However, we still have to decide whether we're really going to shop it out to labels or put it out ourselves, and design the artwork, and all sorts of other tidbits. In other words, be patient Spectormaniac, you have many moons to go.





--Prodigal Son show added... 


The Buzz Spectors have been invited back to the Prodigal Son Bar and Grill to play with the Back Porch Ramblers and Winnie on Friday, July 25th. Anyone who is 21 and over is encouraged to come support and bring as many friends as possible. The show starts at 8pm and costs $6.


--The Buzz Spectors are dot com...


Yes, it finally happened. If you got here by some means other than, then you wasted your precious time. Next time use the new simplified address.





--Adam Spector Gets Clippered...


Adam Spector has officially been buzzed. As advertised, it was done onstage at the Rockhouse. Andrew Muggle and Billy Ray Muggle did most of the shaving, with a little help from Andrew Spector. Adam played most of the second half of the set in varying levels of baldness. Several witnesses reported that he looked like "a jackass". It was rumored to have been only the second time someone has had their head shaved on stage at the Rockhouse.


--Muggles Win Lame Feud of Skills...


The Muggles shut out the Buzz Spectors in the self-proclaimed band wars. Prior to the show, Andrew Spector was defeated by Billy Ray Muggle in NES Ice Hockey and Mikey Spector was defeated by Andrew Muggle in arm wrestling. Matt Muggle ended the feud by beating Adam Spector in a push up contest.




--The Buzz Spectors Lost the Battle, But Could Still Win the War...


While the Buzz Spectors did not win a chance to play at Warped Tour this year, they could still win a chance to play in front of many industry execs in LA later this year, but they need your help. Please do the following...


Click on this hyperlink: Ernie Ball Contest  


1. Along the top click "vote"

2. Select option 3, for the complete list of 2500 bands that entered

3. Scroll down to where it says pages 1-5...we're on page 5, because they alphabetized us under "The".

4. Register to vote by submitting your email address

5. Vote for us, silly rabbit


Thank you




--Fourth of July Supershow @ Burning Cow Studios...


For those of you who are tired of seeing the same five fireworks in different mouthwatering combinations, the Buzz Spectors will be co-headlining an amazing bill with Bicycle Day and The Diuretics. What better way to celebrate than drinking and eating burning cow at Burning Cow? See the shows page for details.




--Happy Birthday, Olsen Twins...


Today the Olsen Twins are turning 17!!! I just wanted to let Mary-Kate and Ashley know I remembered in case they come across this website...Andrew


--Eskimo Sunburn plays impromptu set at Kiss the Sky...


Last night, Eskimo Sunburn played a four song set on about two minutes notice at Kiss the Sky. After 7.9 cancelled, The Velvet Velvet gave them the vacant opening spot. The set consisted of Tagline, Oh My Goth, My Worldly View, and a hideously bad cover of Superdrag's "Sucked Out".




--Good News/Bad News


Today, the results for the Ernie Ball Warped Tour were posted...and alas, The Buzz Spectors were not picked. However, fellow local heroes False Intent got one of the coveted four spots and should be congratulated and worshipped. Please go and support them on the Local Heroes stage at the Tweeter Center on June 29th.





--The Buzz Spectors Enter the World of Professional Wrestling...


The Buzz Spectors have been asked to write the entrance music for up and coming professional wrestler Matt Thomas. He is rumored to be working on a contract and storyline with the National Wrestling Alliance. More details to come.




--Ninjas gettin' mixed, yo!!!


Burning Cow mastermind Kyle Richards reported today that the rough mixes of the new album were nearing completion. The band will be in the studio on Friday adding the final touches and tweaking it. Cross your fingers, it might actually be out this year.


--The Buzz Spectors take part in Warped Tour Contest


The Buzz Spectors entered in the Ernie Ball Warped Tour contest. This entry provides them a chance to play on the local heroes stage in Chicago, St. Louis, and Kansas City. When and if it comes time for you, the loyal Spectormaniacs, to vote for them, you will be notified by email. If you haven't signed up for the mailing list yet, you can always do it, by sending a simple email to 


--The Message Board NEEDS your love


Last week the first ever Buzz Spectors message board was erected and to this point has seen very little use. This is your opportunity as a loyal Spectormaniac to say whatever you want to all the other people that come to this site. Please take a moment to let your voice be heard. Who knows, you might meet that special someone, or if you're in another band, promote yourself here as well. It's all about taking an interest in your fellow musicians and local bands kids.





--Bosio takes commanding lead in the Ultimate Rocque Concert Poll


Within the last few days Bosio has stepped up, stealing the lead from "Other" who was winning the poll for the majority of the contest. For those of you who like to know the details it is almost certain the Bosio will be playing with the Buzz Spectors on August 21st, in the Tri-Cities area. Details are coming...let us just say this show will be huge!!!


--Several shows added...


For those of you who don't check the shows page often, the Buzz Spectors have recently added many summer dates with an array of exciting bands. Please request these days off now so you can be sure to support your favorite band member in action as they deliver pure rock goodness.





--Fireside show w/ Duvall falls through


Those of you who are expecting to see the Buzz Spectors with Duvall and The Red Hot Valentines on Friday at Fireside are out of luck. Our possible spot on the bill fell through. We should, however, be playing Fireside sometime in June.


--Movie Stars... 


Adam and Andrew were brought on to be backing musicians in a scene in a local student film. They will be appearing in a dream sequence where the main character is imagining himself as a rock star...more details to come about when and where to see this exciting cameo as the film nears completion.



--Wreckless Mayhem...the newest Buzz Spectors side project


Wreckless Mayhem was formed on the streets of Chicago and features Andrew, Adam, and The Muggles bassist Andrew Parks. This group is a take no prisoners freestyle rap trio that will rock you silly sometime in the near future. You have been warned.





--The Buzz Spectors Love Bosio


Just a reminder that we love the Milwaukee based rock group Bosio. They are a great group of guys. You should visit their website.


--Adam Kenworthy voted man-whore of the month


And you thought he was innocent...





--Buzz Spectors are famous, kind of...


Those of you who saw the Kiss the Sky article in the Kane County Chronicle today will notice that the picture on the bottom of the page shows a group of teenagers watching "one of three local bands" playing. The picture is of the Buzz Spectors. However, you can only see most of Mikey in the distance with his arm obstructing his face, Adam's shoe, and Andrew's arm and leg.





--Buzz Spectors to tour as a Power Trio


Due to his commitment to quality education, Mikey Belec will not be able to attend the next leg of the Ninjas Attack Tour (April 11th-13th). Andrew will be taking over all vocal duties in his absence and many Eskimo Sunburn songs will be added to the set list to compensate for his absence. While the band would like his company for the shows, they are still going to rock everyone they come across absolutely silly.





--Prodigal Son show added for 4/8/03...


On Tuesday, April 8th, The Buzz Spectors will be playing at the Prodigal Son Bar and Grill with the local Chicago band Autumn-Waking and 54-71 from Japan. Please check the shows page for details, it's sure to be a great show.


--Vocal tracks finished for upcoming disc...

Mikey and Adam ventured back to Burning Cow Studios this past Tuesday to finish vocal tracks for the upcoming album, still due out sometime this summer. Mikey completely redid his vocal tracks, and several guitar parts were added in the short time they spent there.




--Eric Hutchins to fill in on drums...


On Thursday, March 13th, Eric Hutchins was called upon to join the Buzz Spectors in their upcoming April shows. Justin Flanigan, who recently quit the band will play on the 21st, leaving Eric to join the band for their April 5th show at Kiss the Sky and the remainder of their April shows. At this time Hutchins has only been granted a trial spot in the band...the Buzz Spectors are still actively pursuing and considering other options. Hutchins played with members of the Buzz Spectors in the short-lived Eskimo Sunburn, as well as Miami Vice Machine and the Vicious K'Nids.


--Road Trip for the Buzz Spectors...

The Buzz Spectors have confirmed shows in Kansas City for April 11th and Western Illinois University on April 12th. Details for an April 13th show at the University of Iowa are also in the works. Please check the shows page for more information.




--Justin Flanigan leaves the band...


On Thursday, March 6th,  Buzz Spectors drummer Justin Flanigan left the band to pursue other musical interests. He will be playing his final show with the band on March 21st at Shark Studios in Lombard. Justin joined the band last July when the Buzz Spectors reformed without original drummer Chad Linane, and played all drum tracks on the upcoming CD Get Attacked By Ninjas, still due out this summer. The band has tentatively found a replacement and should be announcing the new drummer by the end of the week. The Buzz Spectors wish Justin the best of luck with all future endeavors.





--The Buzz Spectors first two CDs can now be ordered online...


You can now order our first two cds, 2000's Dangerous Playground Equipment and 1998's The Buzz Spectors, through Redline Distribution.


--New email Address...


You can finally reach us at




--The Buzz Spectors spend another day at The Cow


The Buzz Spectors added another 6 songs to their highly anticipated new album last Sunday...Glorious Beercan, Messing With My Mind, Truman, Fourth Time, No Patience, and Standstill. The recording is almost done, Mikey just needs to finish his vocal tracks. The album is scheduled to be done by mid April and should be available to the public sometime this summer. Click here for our Studio Journal. 


--The Buzz Spectors to play Western Illinois University, Iowa University.


The Buzz Spectors will be a part of a two day festival taking place the second weekend of April. More details to come soon.




--The Buzz Spectors will be recording the second half of "Get Attacked By Ninjas" on 

    February 16th at Burning Cow Studios.


The band will be doing another full day session, their first with Adam in the band, and hope to knock out another 6 songs 

at that time. Included on the tentative recording list are Glorious Beercan, Truman, Messing With My Mind, Fourth Time,

No Patience, and an untitled song. Some of the vocals from the first session are also going to be redone. 


--The "Ninjas Attack" Shirts are available now!!!

If you are planning on coming to one of our upcoming shows make sure to bring enough money to get this fashion masterpiece.

Our new goal is to dress the entire Midwest in our cutting edge garb. See the merchandise section for details. 


--Why are the Buzz Spectors taking a month off?

Two reasons. First of all, Adam will be in Ireland for a large portion of March, and we've grown attached to him and don't 

want to play shows without him. Secondly, for those of you who were Favorite Shirt fans, you might recall that Andrew 

fractured his left hand last year in a soccer game and continued to practice with the band with one finger until his hand

healed. It turns out it never really did. However, instead of having it reset like he originally feared would need to be done,

he will simply be going to physical therapy sessions.


--Shark Studios Show Updates.  

There will be six bands playing on the evening of March 21st in Lombard. At this time we know we will be joined by Star-Like 

Collision and The Program (formerly Easy Way Out). Tickets will be presold to this show. Please contact us @ for your ticket.



--The "Ninjas Attack" Shirts will be available at our February 12th show.

Previous reports that these shirts would be available for the Rockhouse Show were an error on Andrew's part. The shirts

were shipped on the 5th, so if they arrive in time for the show on the 9th it will be a miracle. 


--Lombard show for March 21st at Chicago Rockers Video Showcase has been added.  

This is a show that differs from most. Tickets will be sold to this event before the day of the show. We in turn get a nine 

camera video of our set as well as a live disc. At this time, Star-Like Collision has been confirmed as a second band. We still

have four open spots for the show.



--The "I Hate Matt Anderson" shirts are moving fast. Pick yours up at the show Saturday.

--February 12th Battle of the Bands at 602 North added. Go to shows page for all show details.



--The Buzz Spectors' "I Hate Matt Anderson" T-Shirts are here. Go to the Merchandise page for details. 


--The Buzz Spectors are tentatively scheduled to compete in a battle of the bands on Feb. 12th. Visit the shows section for details.


--The Feb. 22nd show at Kiss the Sky has been moved up to 1pm. It was previously advertised with a 2pm start time.



--Andrew's Les Paul was broken in a freak alcohol induced spasm at Otto's on January 3rd.

--The Les Paul Relief Fund is officially up and running. Please click here for details.



--The Diuretics were added as the opening band for Friday at Otto's. See shows page for details.

--Buzz Spectors shirts should be ready by mid January. See merchandise page for details.



--Buzz Spectors' side project Eskimo Sunburn will be performing on January 18th @ Kiss the Sky.

--Otto's Niteclub show added for Friday, January 3rd. 

--Second recording session @ Burning Cow Studios is scheduled for February 16th.

--Rockhouse USA show lineup for Sunday, February 9th finalized. 

--Fireside Bowl show with Kleenexgirlwonder added for Feb. 22nd.



--Kiss the Sky show with Jeff Caudill of Gameface (C.I. Records) just added for February 22nd. 

--Rockhouse USA show added for Sunday, February 9th.  

--New Year's Eve show with Easy Way Out is confirmed. Chad Linane will be playing drums for us that evening.

--Rumblings of a show at the Hideout or Fireside Bowl w/Jeff Caudill and Kleenex Girl Wonder also on February 22nd...this is not confirmed.



--We've been added to the January 25th show @Kiss the Sky with Colossal (Asian Man Records) & our favorite friends Niagara Fell. 

--New Year's Eve show with Chad Linane on drums is also in the works.

--The new song No Patience as well as a reworked version of He Saw the End were the focus of a recent practice.



--Former Miami Vice Machine guitarist Adam Kenworthy has officially been accepted as the fourth member/second guitarist in our happy family.

--The title "Jackass Of All Trades" is being discussed for the new album.

--Two new songs were created during practice last Sunday tentatively titled Fourth Time and Messing With My Mind.

--A second recording session is being planned to finish the new disc, most likely in February or March.



--Former Miami Vice Machine guitarist Adam Kenworthy is currently trying out with the band.

--The title "The Buzz Spectors Get Attacked By Ninjas" is being discussed for the new album.

--The band recorded a 6 song ep at Burning Cow Studios in Dundee, IL on November 17th.The day was quite productive and the album should be complete by late December. Click here for dirt and details

--Andrew recently appeared on Tuesday Night Reunion. The show which runs on BATV43, featured Andrew playing kazoo renditions of "Genie in a Bottle" and "Sitting by the Dock of the Bay". 



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