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The Origin of the name "The Buzz Spectors"


...taken from the Buzz Spectors' 1997 release casmir pulaski war hero?

    "I was at the museum of Contemporary Arts in Chicago looking for a name for our band. I came across a book with noodles glued in it that looked like it could have been done by a five year old. The artist's name was buzz spector. I thought it was cool so I pluralized it and it became our name. The moral is that fame and talent don't always go together, which is why we could be famous someday."

-Andrew Ferguson


-Since then I have had a chance to see more of buzz Spector's work and do not feel the way I initially did. Buzz Spector is a talented artist. however, I will stand by my opinion of that first piece of work i saw.

 -We have heard that Buzz Spector is a professor at university of Illinois, and that he actually owns one of our cds at this point. No word on whether or not he likes the music.

Also...we are apparently mentioned on a buzz Spector here to see how far our fame extends...Spector Site


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