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A Story about Gangster goats and pickle flavored ice cream

By Andrew Ferguson


    It was early on the morning of november 17th, 2002 that mikey  and andrew arose to the sound of mike's phone alarm going off. although they had agreed to call it an early night, the previous evening had been anything but. As a result, mike had crashed on andrew's futon and they were both very groggy a little before 7am. They made it to burning cow studios a little bit after 8 and kyle arrived shortly after to open the place up. The first bit of snow for the season was on the ground, and the studio did not have heat or plumbing. it would be a long day. as they entered, they found jay surrounded by space heaters, barely covered by a sparse pound puppies blanket. jay had known he wouldn't have gotten there in time if he'd gone home, so he had roughed it on the couch for the sake of the music...

    later that day as the equipment was being set up andrew was rapping incessantly. it was clear that everyone was growing tired of his weak caucasian rhymes. Justin kept laughing politely, but jay put a stop to it. "There's a goat outside you can rap to," he said very matter of factly. everyone laughed. the gangster goat became a subject that was revisited for the rest of the day. If you listen closely on one of the songs on the new disc you might even hear it discreetly inserted on a backup track...

    any good st. charles area resident knows that st. charles is the pickle capitol of the world, but did you know that in the late 1950's colonial ice cream offered pickle flavored ice cream? according to a company spokesperson it incorporated the history of the town and showed customers that colonial was innovative and would continue to offer the growing area new things...

    what? why are you telling me this? well, colonial ice cream celebrated it's 100th year last year and they issued a book that gives a detailed account of the company and in his down time, andrew read the whole thing. Justin's girlfriend jessie brought it there. she got one free because she works for them.

    speaking of jessie...she became the first female to ever perform on a buzz spectors album. she got the privilege of insulting andrew on the song "That is cool". 

    It must be mentioned that due to the lack of indoor plumbing, most of these songs were recorded with mikey in extreme pain. his bowels swelled, but he persevered.

    justin was continually beaten in games of nba jam, but destroyed andrew in the mario kart battle mode.

    oh yeah...the disc has six songs and is going to be very short and tasty. probably about 18 minutes long. it should be done by the end of december at which point you should look for a couple of tracks on the band's mp3 site.

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