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Andrew Says:

Hmmm, so many things to say about this one. First of all, when we got to Otto's Mike noticed that we were listed as "The Buzz Specks" on the Upcoming Shows board. Since Adam and Justin were coming separately, I decided to play a joke on Adam. Since he had booked the show, I called him all upset and said, "We're not playing here tonight." "What?" he said, later telling me that he got a sick feeling in his stomach when I said it. "No, we're not...some band called The Buzz Specks are." Ahhh. A good laugh was had by all. Once all the equipment was in I approached the sound guy to see if we got any drink deals for the evening. He informed me that we got tickets for drinks...basically that we didn't have to pay for a damn thing. Ohmigod...this was bad news, but I didn't realize it at the time. We got a huge amount of tickets and each was good for a 32 oz. beer. Anyway, back to the music. The Diuretics were kind enough to come and join us on very short notice and played amazingly well in their new lineup. (Only Eric is still playing his original instrument.) Rumor has it that Kyle was very drunk, and he was smoking like cigarettes were going out of style. Overall though, very good set. We were very impressed and are excited to play with them again on February 9th. By the time we got on stage I had consumed approximately 88 oz of beer and was by far the most intoxicated member of the band. However, this would not stop us from playing very well. Many interesting characters emerged as we began to play song after song. There was the mentally unstable black gentleman who enjoyed angrily staring everyone down as we played, slowly moving his middle finger from left to right. There was the table that thought we were a butt rock cover band asking for selections from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Slayer. There was the guy that thought peer pressure would get Mike to drink a 32 oz. beer in one take, and as always...girls that wanted Mike but couldn't break through his wall of armor. We flew through the set playing each song about twice as fast as we usually do, and before our last planned song, He Saw the End, I felt the urge to throw in Ice Ice Baby. We pulled that off fairly well, except then we got a request for NWA from the aforementioned black gentleman. Now I'm an avid NWA fan, but I didn't feel comfortable doing any of their music. We tried to do He Saw the End but we were all out of tune so Mike started Jump Around. That would have been a fine time to end the was starting to drag. Before I knew it, we were starting Like a Rocky Sequel which is usually our set opener. I was still on quitar and had now consumed about 120 oz of beer (think 3 forties, that's a lot) and was very confused on how to play it. As the song was ending I feared that someone would start to play another song. I did what I thought was a rational thing...I threw my Les Paul guitar over my head and walked offstage. THUD. I didn't look back, I just walked to table where my girlfriend and a couple of friends were sitting. I noticed everyone's faces were in total shock. Then I realized...I just threw a $1000 guitar over my head. I began to laugh and then got worried. "Can somebody go check on the guitar please, it wouldn't be cool if I did." I think that's what I said. The news was bad. The guitar was fucked. The top of the neck was cracked and angled upward and one of the pickups was smashed. Damn. Kyle from the Diuretics took all the strings off and we put in in the case. This was my introduction to Who-like antics...overall a very costly show for us. I think someone said it best when right after the incident..."Dude, it's only Otto's."


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