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Total Control Manager 2003 Editing
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The Players Players Artmoney Table

Ok...right about now, you should be really getting into the hang of this. However, the players naturally have the most values that can be edited AND they are little more complex. Again, what will you be looking to change:

  1. Contracts - You'll want them for longer or shorter.
  2. Wages - Pay them less. (They may complain in time)
  3. Bonuses - Make them smaller.
  4. Skills - Get them playing better football.
  5. Training - Anyone can learn how to dribble in day surely!
  6. Nationality - Possibly.
  7. Experience - Both Nationally, and Internationally.
  8. Player Age - Make him go a few more years possibly.
  9. Morale, Fatigue and Fitness (M-F-F) - You want them at the top of their game.
  10. Form - Still working on it.
  11. STAR LEVEL - Without a doubt. Make it worthwhile keeping that youngster.

Where-O-where are we going to start with these guys. There's a lot to get thru.
Ok. Morale - Fatigue - Fitness.
If you know the values (or even just one of the values) you are going to be able to find a player. WARNING - Fitness is an odd value, so I wouldn't put all your hopes on that one.

Let's say your player has a morale of 100, a fatigue of 35, and fitness of 99. We start, as always, choosing how we are going to search for the data. This time we will need to use "Sequence of Values". Search for 3 values, and enter them in the order of MORALE - FATIGUE - FITNESS. They are ALWAYS in this order. However, sometimes there is a seperating value between either Morale and Fatigue or Fatigue and Fitness. Don't let that put you off. If the values you are looking for don't come up, don't worry. Try searching for two of the values.
HANDY HINT - If you are searching for your entire team, and you've never bought or sold anyone, then their data will all be found around the same area of the code. However, new youth players brought in will be at the end of the database (when they are created) and players bought from other teams will be around their original teammates, so after a couple of seasons, you may have to get creative.
Go through all the seiving process as previously described until you have found your man. Then, when you use the memory editor, it should all be in the same pattern as you are about to see.

This a great place to start. First thing - look for the red line. That's where M-F-F is located. I've opened up the editor using FATIGUE as my access point - the 05 in the picture above. All my pictures are based on this principle.
Ok, we've found our player...on to the editing.

  • Contract End - the Purple line is, as you can see, directly above M-F-F. This is in the wierd date format. Examples are back in the basics page.
  • Contract Start - this is when your player joined. Change it if your desire is to have players at the top of the loyalty list.
  • Contract Options - I'm working on them. However, if you change the underlined value (01) to 04, then you will make the player's contract include the 1yr club option I believe.
  • Fixed Transfer Fee (FTF) - This is how much you are asking for your player. It is the exact number. Change this if your board won't let you.
  • Bonus Type - Do you want to pay your players for Promotion or for goal/clean sheets. Haven't worked out the values.
  • Bonus Values - From RIGHT to LEFT from Bonus Type
    • 94 - This is the Promotion Bonus value.
    • 03 - This is the Match Appearance Bonus
    • A4 - This is the Win Bonus.
  • Wage - This is a tricy value, which I haven't quite matched yet. Imagine you are paying someone £20,000 per week. The value of 27 (in hex - real value 39) represents £20,000 and each reduction of that value is like losing £200 off the total wage. My advice is play with it (safely) and reduce your players wage. The 62 value (line above at the other end which is actually one point before) might well have something to do with it, but the 27 value will do a find job on it's own.

That's the first picture dealt with. On to the more challenging 2nd picture.

Let's crack on. For the above picture, again it is taken from the Fatigue value. And if you compare the bottom of this puicture with the one above, you will see that it correllates with the one above. Look for 7B 6A 25 00 9A on the top picture, and you will realise the 9A is the start of the Contract End, meaning that M-F-F is on the line just below what is visible.

  • Player Age - Again in that difficult date format. I will hopefully provide a converter or someone else (please) will before we can create the editor.
  • Nationality - Found straight after Player Age. Please refer to the Nationalities List for what the values represent. Your started for ten - 0E = England.
  • Player Level - I am working on exactly how this is calculated, because it seems to have an effect on the training towards the playing level. Hmm... You are welcome to try it out. I'll give you some pointers. The 23 value represents Goalkeeping & Tackling. The 1B value is for Midfielding and Attacking. If you were to change the 1B value by one, you would add a midifeld point, change it by another one and you add another point to midfield skill. However, once you hit 7 in Midfield value, when you add the next one (maybe 1F) at this time, you will add one to the ATTACKING level, and midfield will revert to 0. Add another one (now maybe 20) and you are starting to add to midfield again. And so the pattern continues.
  • Player Attributes - Again, like manager attributes, I am still working on these. Patience and I will hopefully get there.
  • Experience - The 38 01 in Light Blue represents National Experience. And the 32 00 in Light Green is for International Experience. I believe one point is added to these after every game your player plays, and the game works out the +/- values each time a certain level is reached.
  • Training Values - These range from 300 --> 500 (real numbers) in regards to what value is 100% in the game. And it's not just for different training. For some players Passing can be 300, while for another player Passing is 500. Experiment, and keep referring back to the game. And don't worry, if you make him have his skill trained to 175%, it's not going to crash the game. (I've always found what is 100% and haven't tried to leave him on 175 - your call). The order of the training is: Passing, Heading, Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Acceleration, Speed, Tackling, Dribbling, Technique, Crossing, Reflexes, Flying Saves, Aerial Control, 1-on-1, Goal Kicks, Throw Outs. These are always a "2-Integer Type" number followed by two 00 values and then the next training value. Passing is found where the first brown underline is.
  • Finally - STAR RATING - This is found in the box after Nationality. 00 = Star Level of 1. And 04 = Star Level of 5. If you set this value to 5, you will probably crash the game. You have been warned.


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