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Total Control Manager 2003 Editing
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You, The Manager

Right, so you're now either an experienced user of Artmoney OR you've read the first page and are starting to have an idea how this all works. So, what are you possibly looking to change as the manager.

  1. Your contract - you'll want a longer one.
  2. Your wage - more money but don't make your club bust.
  3. Your bonuses - but again don't make your club bust.
  4. Your manager points - Get you to the next level.
  5. Your languages - Be fluent.
  6. Your skills - be the best manager possible.

How are we going to do this? Well...
Assuming you used your own date of birth for you as the manager, we can look for this. There won't be that many people with your birth date.

The way I suggest getting your own date value is to find a player or member of staff and change their birth date with different values (up or down) until you get to yours. Write down the number, restore the players (if you want) and then search for the number that you got.

Or if you aren't comfortable with that, why not check your manager points. Then, search for them using the sequence of values option. Choose 4 values, and enter in the values for your skills in the order you read them down.
Motivation, Coaching, GK Coaching and Motivation. You should then get your results, and I don't think there will be that many.

I am going to show the next picture as if you went for the birthday option, because you will see the rest of the data BELOW the date ones.

The most important thing to know about the manager: Your contract is on a yearly basis. It will ALWAYS run out at the end of the year. The value for your contract is in years, not a specific date as all other contracts are calculated with.

Birthday Value = In the specific date format
Wage = Exact number, will be rounded up/down in game.
Win Bonus = Exact number.
Contract Years = The difference from players. It is the number of years left.
Automatic Salary Increase = Exact value, shown as percentage in game. (Don't make your club bust)
Contract Options = These are currently being worked on. I advise not to change.
Special Bonus Value = Depending on how you negotiated your contract will affect what this value is for. Can't find the value for the bonus type yet.
Manager Points = Exact Value. Self-explanatory.
Languages = Try adding a language in the career stats page, then look back in artmoney, you should see the new values appear. Then add the "0F" value (15) after it, and voila, you have a new language.
Manager Skills = Finally, there they are at the bottom. Exact values, just change them as you see fit.

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