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Total Control Manager 2003 Editing
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The Staff

Well, if you've managed to crack the players, then the Staff should be a doddle.

Again, what are we looking to change.

  1. Contracts - Again, you'll want them for longer or shorter.
  2. Wages - Pay them less. (They won't complain)
  3. Bonuses - Make them smaller.
  4. Skills - Change what they train.
  5. Level - Buy a Level 1, and make him a level 6.
  6. Efficiency - Make him a super-coach with an increase of 250% of his training skill.
  7. Player Age - Make him go a few more years possibly.
  8. Morale, Fatigue and Fitness (M-F-F) - You want them at the top of their game.
  9. Form - Still working on it.
  10. STAR LEVEL - Without a doubt. Make it worthwhile keeping that youngster.

First things first. Hire the damn staff. You can't change them unless you've hired them.
HANDY HINT - When you hire a member of staff, give them great wages, but make their wage (and maybe their bonus) NOT a round number. Go for 84,500 (For a level 1 coach) for his wage packet. This should make it easier to find him later. Do the same with the bonus

So, how are we going to find the staff. The good news is that they are normally situated towards the END of the memory area, and I do mean 'normally'.

Also, whether you hire them in your first season or your seventh season, they are going to be bunched together - isn't that nice.

Ok, for this you are going to need to go to your Staff Page. Choose your staff member that you've just hired. Now, he will be costing you around £2,321 per week. This is NOT the number we want. Go to his info screen, and you will see that he actually costs you (as you followed my advice) £84,500 per YEAR. It is this yearly value we are after. Go to the search mode and search. You should find your staff around the 0B100000 mark in the memory. If you can't be sure you've got him, try offering your staff member an extra year on his contract, he'll want a raise, and then all you do is seive with the new yearly value, and I guarantee you will find him if you've done the steps correctly.

Open the editor and you should see something like this: (without the colours and key on the side)

  • Wage: This is where the RED line is. If you opened the memory editor using the wage value, it should ALWAYS look like this. This number is exactly the amount as it appears yearly in the game.
  • Bonus: Again, appears exactly as it is in the game
  • Role: I do not advise changing this. If you change this, you will make your assistant manager a Marketing Manager and then he'll be no use to you.
  • Level: As with the players. Level 1 = 00, and Level 6 is 05. I have made a level 7 coach by accident and it didn't crash the game, but I'll be damned if I know whether it would make a difference. I'm tempted to try it with my youth coach tho, and see if he talks to the players more often.
  • Percentage: This will be tricky. Some "Job Types" will use this figure, and others won't. Also, the maximum you can set this value to is 255. Sorry to anyone who wanted to have 2000%.
  • Job Type: What does your Assistant Manager actually do? This is where you change him. If you want to know what values are equal to what, then check out Job Types.
  • Contract: Sorry I forgot to highlight this one, but I found it later than the others. So, let's see if you can find it. You should have learnt how the date format works by now, so you should be able to find it. I'll give you a clue: It is in the picture above somewhere, and will be when you are editing your staff.
    • If you really get lost - just ask on the forum.

And that's your lot so far. I am now working on finding more data, to allow me to create an editor. Any help is appreciated, and if there is anything wrong just ask me: George

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