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Italian Sites for Children

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Italian Children's Music

Mama Lisa's World
Italian children's songs and rhymes with music and musical score.

Musiche per Bambini
Music and illustrations.

Italian for Children

English-Italian Picture Dictionary
Dictionary for children and for beginners.

The Italian/English Bilingual Children Project
This page collects information contributed by families that speak both English and Italian, with the purpose of helping each other. Alphabet cards.
  Stories in Italian

Belle e Sebastien
Short story in Italian.

Favole infinite
Italian story site.

Il fantasmagorico mondo di Cleo l'armadillo
Italian comic strip.

Il sito del gatto Sissi e del topino
One of my favourite sites to visit. Frequently updated. Lots of stories.

Le Avventure di Ugo
Italian story site.

Le Favole dei Bambini
Stories written by Italian children.
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