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Thanks to Melissa for the above picture, and to Ann for the fresh copy! Y'all are sweeties!

There came a boy to a place where boys had to grow to be men quickly, or suffer the concequences. His blue eyes, and Jimmylike attitude caused many troubles, but underneath it all...he was scared, only too proud to admit it. That boy was Jesse James...played by a young Christopher Pettiet. On April 12, 2000, the TYR world lost that boy. He will forever be in our hearts, in our minds, and in our thoughts. For more on Chris' passing, please click on the banner below. Rest in peace, Christopher. May angels smile on the ones you've left behind.

I'm now accepting fan fiction! There is nothing I won't accept! Even if it's been posted at another site, or on the Fan Fic list.

Every week we joined them on their journey to get the mail through. We wished we were their leading lady, or fighting along side them. This site is dedicated to the men and woman who made up:

The Young Riders

IT'S OUT! OCEAN TRIBE made it's premier on Monday, May 29! Check out the cool screen captures and sound waves by clicking on the link to The Buckstop below! Trust me, ladies...they're soo worth checking out! Great job Melissa & Lisa!

Stop in at the saloon. Sit a spell, and read some fan fic! You'll be glad you did!


A Love Reborn By:Lisa & Melissa

Prarie Possessions By:Melissa

Second Chances By: Lisa & Melissa
Thanks for your patience, Lisa & Melissa! I know it took me FOREVER to get these posted! :)

ALL of Snowflakes and Angels Wings is now up! Thank you Melissa!

Another in the Nicky stories is also up! This one is called: A Love Remembered

It's Always Been You has been added! (Yeah...I know..FINALLY! Thanks for your patience CC!)

The Wizard of SW a great story that Aimee let me post...oh...about 10 years ago is now up!

I'd like to apologize for the time it's taken me to post new fiction. I thank all the authors for their patience and understanding, and encourage ALL vistiors to check out their wonderful and outstanding work!

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