The Saloon

C'mon in! Pull up a chair, grab yourself a drink, and do a little reading!

Each week we watched them. We dreamed of them...heck...we even dreamed of being one of them. They got us interested in thier lives, their sorrows, their family. There were scenes that we didn't agree with and scenes we'd loved to have been in, that's why we write!

Check out Orphans Preferred in TYRland. Thanks Sid for your patience and for my first fan fic that isn't mine!!!!!

Just added to TYRland: A Rainy Day by Laura! Thanks Laura for your patience as well!

ALL of Snowflakes and Angels Wings is now up in the Nicky Chronicles. Thank you Melissa for letting me know that I only had Chapter 1 up!

Another Nicky/Buck story is up in the Nicky Chronicles. This one's called A Love Remembered.

Three new stories by Lisa & Melissa are up! Check out: Prarie Possessions in TYRland, A Love Reborn under Buck, and Second Chances, under Jimmy!

It's Always Been You by CC is now available in the Kid and Lou Saga. It's a great story, and you'd be missing something if you didn't read it!

The Wizard of SW by Aimee is now up in TYRland! It's a great take on The Wizard of Oz!

The Nicky Chronicles The tales of Buck and Nicky

Buck/Gregg Tales of our favorite (ok, my favorite) rider.

Jimmy/Josh Tales of our favorite gunfighter

The Kid and Lou Saga They loved as fast and as hard as they rode.

Stories from TYRland Tales involving more than one rider.