Just who is this strange girl they call Renee?


Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my little world!

I'm a 31 year old receptionist, and live in Berwyn. (a little suburb of Chicago) I've been married to Patrick for 5 years, and we have one black cat, Gabriel! He's a pain sometimes, especially when he's busy whining at things I can't see!

I adore 80's music, mainly because it's the era I grew up in. There's one station in Chicago that plays nothing but that music, and you can only get it in if you have a really crappy radio! :) Among other things I love: CHOCOLATE, Anne Rice books, vampires, The Crow, Brandon Lee, Val Kilmer, reading, writing, TYR, Disney movies & musicals, collecting Disney beanies, Backstreet Boys (stop laughing!), New Kids on the Block (stop laughing harder!!) SLAUGHTER, and surfing the web! I also love spending time with my sister, and doing all the silly things we do!

Some of you know how I found TYR again, but I'll tell those of you that don't. In June of 1999, I lost my twin boys, Brandon James, and Nicholas Andrew. I miscarried at 18 weeks. I was on the web, actually searching for support groups when AOL gave me this really strange listing. I think it was for Riders Comin'! I have no clue how I even found it! I clicked on the link, and entered a world I absolutely love! It gave me another creative outlet, something other than tears and depression. From that moment on, my life has revolved around TYR and the email I get. Writing the stories is sort of like therapy, and I do it every chance I get.

Well, that's me in a nutshell! Thanks for visiting my site, and for the encouragement!

This is Joshua and I. He's the little boy my sister babysat for a good portion of his life. He's the sweetest little terror I know! He's now 6 years old, and very smart!

My other obsession...The Crow! As I said...I love Brandon Lee!