The night is cool, a fog settles in all the little places it can find to hide. You hear footsteps behind you, but when you turn, there's no one there! You've heard rumors about those that dwell here, in the night. Stories about fangs and blood, but until now, you've dismissed them as the fantasy of some wayward stranger. There, in front of you, only a foot away, you see it. A vampire! But here? In this time? You better believe your garlic!

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Thanks to Ann and Cass for the encouragement, and for lighting a fire under my butt to get it going! :)

Deception It's 1999 Chicago and things aren't all that they seem!

The Curse of White Buffalo A Shaman's curse has made Buck a vampire, until the day he has to fight White Buffalo's spirit.

Midnight Rider Buck is taught the way of the vampire. (WARNING: Sexual situation)