most recently September 4, 2003

"Umpire Bill Hohn ejected Sosa as he was walking back to the dugout after Sosa apparently made a comment about a third strike call.

Baker argued, then returned to the field two pitches later when Mark Grudzielanek was called out on a close play at second.

Fans at Wrigley Field began to throw cups on the field and the grounds crew had to go to the warning track and clean up the debris."

May 3, 1999

"Brian Bohanon got his fifth straight victory, pitching Colorado to a 6-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs, whose fans began throwing dangerous objects onto the field after a controversial call in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Bottles, a baseball, cups of beer, even coins came flying out of the stands, causing a five-minute delay.

"The fans can have a good time, but that's over the line," said Rockies second baseman Mike Lansing, who was involved in the play that sent the crowd into a rage. "Those things can hurt. I usually enjoy coming here, it's one of my favorite spots. In most cases, the fans here are good fans."

With Mark Grace on first, Sammy Sosa bounced to third, and replays showed that Lansing dropped third baseman Vinny Castillo's throw as Grace slid into the bag.

But umpire Jerry Crawford ruled that Lansing had possession before dropping the ball and called Grace out, bringing Cubs manager Jim Riggleman out of the dugout to argue and sending the crowd into a frenzy.

"They were throwing bottles. It's only a game," Rockies center fielder Darryl Hamilton said. "I don't know why people get so upset. Somebody threw a bottle of Jack Daniels. They also threw cups of beer, but I was more worried about the bottles."

Riggleman said the call "was not the issue of the game, not the turning point." The Cubs trailed by five runs at the time.

"We have a reputation of great fans and a lively ball park, but we can't have that, delays in the game. It's not right," Riggleman said. "When they start doing that, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. I apologize to Jim Leyland and the Rockies."

July 22, 1998

"Sosa hit a three-run homer, his 37th, with two outs in the eighth inning Wednesday night to give the Cubs their fourth straight win, 9-5 over the slumping Montreal Expos.

Some fans in the sellout crowd of 39,179 tossed cups and trash onto the field after Sosa's homer and again after Henry Rodriguez followed with his 24th homer.

"They must have been starving for baseball -- we've been gone 13 days," said Beck, the Cubs' closer. "It's nice to see them excited but there's a time and place for that and it's across the street in the bars."

Expos outfielder Derrick May was disturbed by the litter.

"I don't know what they're signifying by throwing garbage," he said. "Anytime objects come out on the field, it's annoying."

Five fans ran onto the field at different times during the game, each time briefly halting play.

"They were throwing everything -- they were even throwing themselves," Rodriguez said."



April 16 and 17, 2004

on the 16th... Dusty Baker made a idiotic error, not informing the umpire of a switch and as a result Ramon Martinez was called out. Dusty cried like a baby to the umpire, was ejected, and cups came flying onto the field

After Kerry Wood was ejected for throwing a hissy fit on the 17...

"As he walked down the dugout, Wood heaved a batting helmet and gloves onto the field before departing. Fans at Wrigley Field littered the warning track with debris and the game was held up for several minutes while the grounds crew cleaned it up."

The Chicago media tries to hide these stories and pretend it never happened