I get so much hate mail its out of hand. However, I appreciate every one of you complete morons who takes time out of their busy day of masturbating to internet porno to write me a completely stupid message that only further proves the fact that Cubs fans are retards. If I posted all the hate mail, it would take up too much space, so I'll just give you some of my favorites.

Hey...Your some sort of low life that has nuthing better to do than bash the cubs. I'm sorry but what was the record of the Sox for the 2003 season?? thats right, they sat at home jerkin it while the magnificent Cubbies went to the playoffs!! So next time anyone tries to bash the cubs just remember that they at least made it to the playoffs, have betetr fans who have more fun than the rest of you critical assholes, and finally, any cubs fan could whoop the shit out of you!! why? becasue were bad ass!!!! Steve Derfiny
-Chicago Ill

To answer your question Steve, the White Sox were 86-76, while the "magnificent Cubbies" were 88-74, just 2 games better. Let's not forget that the White Sox beat the Cubs 4 games to 2 this year. And no, you guys are not "bad ass." You give away barbie dolls at your park.

Can you be any more hypocritical? When was the last
time the Sox have a World Series? You don't remember
the 2000 White Sox season, central division champs
getting swept by the Seattle Mariners, It sounds a lot
like the 98' cubs season. Dude you got to stop
jerking it to the thought of a sox world series,
because itís as likely as a Cubs world series. Face
it they both suck ass. Live with it. -Johnathon Favero

Do I state that I am a Sox fan anywhere on this web site? Anyways, the point of this site is really to expose the stupidity of the Cub fans and the organization, not compare statistics with any other teams.


Let me guess, you're Pam and Corky is your dog. You're a disgusting overweight single woman in her mid-40s. Am I right?

Wow... i think i speak for A LOT of sox fans when i say that you're a loser. Yeah its party of living in chicago to hate the team your not going for, but you take it to a pathetic level. You're insults are sad and not original at all. yeah sammy sosa does steroids and denys it. him and like 75% of mlb! and making fun of cubs fans is just completely unneccesary i'm sure you can find the same sox clothes at our feild anyway. It's really sad that this anitcubs site has made me less against the cubs. Your site is pretty much doing the opposite of its intention. It's so sad how you call cubs fans homos... what are you like 10? Please move away from Chicago and stop giving sox fans a bad rep! If you don't post this on your site, i'd understand. i know you wouldn't for everyone to think YOU'RE an idiot. -Lauren

I think I speak THE TRUTH when I say the Cubs and their fans are losers. Your whole e-mail is pretty fuckin stupid and I don't really feel like replying to it. I might be going out on a limb here, but I'll bet everyone reading this thinks YOU'RE an idiot.

I am a Cubs fan and you are right-- we are losers. We Cub fans are nothing but suburbanites and tourists. Real born and raised Chicagoans are White Sox fans, and that is why us suburban and tourist Cub fans are jealous of Sox fans. All our bravado about how the Cubs are "the" Chicago baseball team can't hide the fact that we are ashamed of being born and raised in Naperville, or visiting Chicago from Iowa. What can I tell you-- years of having the Cubs forced down our suburban and tourist throats by the WGN superstation and the midwest's largest newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, has had it's effect. The Cubs are all we see and hear about out here in Naperville and Iowa. Please forgive us, White Sox fans, After all, how would you like to be from some silly suburb, or a tourist from some God-forsaken midwest cowtown? 
-Vin Bonner, Naperville

Yeah. Thanks.

Hay i like your site and am a cubs fan good work cubs do suck but they make it look good and i still have fun wathcing them i was thinking instead of upgrading your site you should make a pimp ass white sox site cause there ant any one last thing
Go cubs and go white sox -Grant

its called white sox interactive. Where you can only be a fan of one team.