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To God be the glory…Jude 25

HI! And welcome to our home page. This is our first attempt at creating a web page of any kind, so please bear with us…

Cheryl and I have been happily married for 24 years and share a number of hobbies including motorcycling, hot rods, collecting a variety of automotive toys and
collectibles. In addition, Cheryl enjoys crocheting and other crafts and she is the
computer expert of the residence. I enjoy tinkering in the garage and have been known to build some pretty weird (and some not so weird) projects.

Some of our current "large toys" include a 1959 Morris Minor panel truck, a
1964 Pontiac Tempest, and the latest, a 1997 Honda Valkyrie which we plan to ride far and near as time permits.

We have a son, Aaron, who is 22 and out on his own. He is a certifiable computer nut and is also into medieval battle recreation. He does not share much of dad's
"motorhead" interests, but he does think 57 Chevies and Harleys are cool. Maybe there is hope for him yet!

Cheryl works for our local village government as an Administrative Secretary and I am a Product Development Manager for a large radio control model distributor (no, I DO NOT get to play with toys all day!).

We plan to share some of our experiences here and we hope you enjoy "riding along" with us!

1997 Honda Valkyrie
Honda Valkyrie Tourer SE
Hot Rod Golf Cart
1959 Morris Minor Panel
1964 Pontiac Tempest
1966 Rand 3-wheel Truck
Radio Control Models
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