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Honda 360cc Powered Hot Rod Golf Cart

One of Dave's wild creations
started life as a 1982 EZ-GO
electric golf cart. The frame was stretched 48" in the front and a 1976 Honda 360cc
motorcycle engine was fitted. The original body was discarded and a new one designed and built to resemble an early Ford Model T. The body is constructed of metal and wood. The engine is connected to a Boston Gear 90 degree gearbox and then via driveshaft to the original rear axle. A 1:2.0 overdrive is used to increase

the top speed. It has 6 forward speeds and is capable of 60 MPH. Reverse is accomplished by a Ford starter motor and gear reduction with a chain to the driveshaft. Other features include working head and tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, 4-way flashers, AM-FM cassette stereo, oak dash with padded vinyl top, and a Honda tachometer.

Our "Hot Rod Golf Cart" is a lot of fun at car shows and has even been pictured in Street Rodder Magazine (Dec 98).

It is still not quite finished (hot rods rarely are), the engine needs detailing and there are plans to add a small 3-speed transmission which will yield the possibility of 18 forward speeds and 6 reverse!

At Goodguys Hot Rod
Indy '97