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1997 Valkyrie Tourer SE

This is the "Missing Link" between the Valkyrie Tourer and the Valkyrie Interstate. The 1997 Valkyrie Tourer "SE" you see here was conceived, designed and built by me. I wanted a little additional protection and luggage space for those long trips but did not wish to trade up to an Interstate. I also wanted the additional parts to be easily removable for cleaning, maintenance and/or conversion back to stock Tourer. The purchase of a used Harley FLH fairing and trunk began the make-over of the "Lady in Red" into what I call a "Convertible Touring Custom." Otherwise known as the Valkyrie Tourer "SE."


The FLH fairing fit almost like it was made for the Valk. Only some slight trimming around the headlight opening and notching to clear the Rivco driving light brackets was required. The original Harley mounting brackets were shortened and re-drilled to line up with the Memphis Fats windshield fork clamps. The fairing can be quickly removed (four bolts) and the Memphis windshield re-installed. The pop-up cowl vent was an idea borrowed from 40's vintage automobiles and was scratch built including the three position ratchet lever mechanism (closed, half open, full open). A local body shop applied the factory Honda colors. All fasteners are stainless steel.
Total cost - $375.00


The original Harley Tour Pack (70's vintage?) was narrow enough that interference with the stock Tourer bag saddlebag lids was not a concern. A custom mounting bracket was fabricated and designed to fasten to the stock Honda backrest mounts. Additional chrome tubular supports were designed to fit between the trunk mounting bracket and the rearmost top saddlebag mounting bolts. The trunk can quickly be removed (six bolts) and the original Honda backrest re-installed (four bolts). A swap meet find produced a wide padded backrest which was mounted to the front of the trunk with a custom mounting bracket. 2" diameter marker lights with stainless trim rings were added to the back of the trunk and small rectangular markers installed in the sides. Both are wired as running lights. The top mounted accessory luggage rack was fabricated from 1/2" tubular steel and chrome plated. The rear tips of all six tubes are fitted with red plastic lenses behind which are super-bright LED brake lights wired to a Back-Off brake light modulator. Color-matched paint was again applied by
local painter and an F6 Valkyrie emblem added. All fasteners are stainless steel.
Total cost - $500.00


Not being satisfied with the look of the aftermarket chrome radiator screens,
I designed my own style tubular grill (reminiscent of 50's & 60's custom cars) that mounts to the stock chrome side covers. The grill was fabricated using 1/2" square tubing and 5/16" round tubing, welded together and chromed.
Total cost - $60.00

Fork Lowers   and   Fork Filler Panel

The fork lowers were cut from 1/8" thick clear Lexan and are fastened to a custom fabricated and chrome plated steel bracket that attaches to the headlight mounting bolts. The headlight was raised 3/16" to fit the bracket ears between the headlight bracket and the lower triple clamp. The lowers were finished with polished stainless trim plates and fasteners. Total cost - $70.00

The fork filler panel was designed to cover the unsightly front brake hose connections seen below the bottom triple clamp. It was formed from sheet steel, painted factory red, and fastened to the brake hose bracket bolts.
Total cost - $35.00

Radiator Side Wings

Since I did not care for the looks of the Baker Air Wings, I decided to design my own. These are also 1/8" clear Lexan and are mounted to a custom fabricated and chrome plated steel bracket that is adjustable via a single 9/16" stainless locknut. The brackets fasten to the stock engine guard top mounting bolt and are chrome plated. Polished stainless trim plates and fasteners were used.
Total cost - $85.00

Total conversion package cost - $1,125.00

All items were designed to be easily removable creating a true "convertible" Touring Cruiser. The full coverage fairing, fork lowers and radiator air deflectors provide dramatically improved air management (still air space) while the rear trunk provides valuable luggage capacity for long trips as well as increased rear safety provided by the additional lighting. Conversion from stock Tourer to "SE" can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. The fork lowers and radiator air deflectors work well with either the fairing or the Memphis Fats windshield. These are also almost "invisible" thereby not distracting from stock engine and fork appearance.

The total conversion package cost about $275 more than the new Champion trunk but includes the fairing and other custom pieces that are unique to this machine. OK, so a couple of the parts do sort of look like they came off of a Harley ('cause they did!), but the paint treatment helps to make them blend in and look like they belong on the Valk. Which of course they do, 'cause I put 'em there!, the Lady has NOT started leaking oil since installing the parts!

After road testing a new Valkyrie Interstate recently, I discovered that my modifications actually work better than the Interstate fairing. I still experienced helmet buffeting on the Interstate, while there is absolutely NO buffeting on my "SE."

What if there HAD been a Honda model between the Valkyrie Tourer and the Valkyrie Interstate? I.E.: The MISSING LINK!

Dave Sproul VOA #484
a.k.a. Cruisin' Dave


The Lady before