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1964 Pontiac Tempest

This is Cheryl's project car. Well, I guess it's HER car and MY project!

Cheryl had a Tempest almost identical to this one when we were married way back in 1974. It was one of those extremely dependable cars and we foolishly sold it a few years later.

Fast forward to December 1997...while traveling near Pittsburgh, PA, we discover this Tempest for sale at an auto repair shop. The right front corner was wrecked, but it was driveable and only had 55,000 original miles! We bought it the next day, put in a new battery and wiper refills and drove it the 500 miles home. Ran like a clock and got better gas mileage than our 91 minivan!

It has a 215 six cylinder and Powerglide 2-speed automatic and had NO power anything until we recently added power steering. The front end has been repaired, new bumpers installed, windows re-sealed, patch panels bought and is scheduled to go into the body shop in spring of '99. We have decided to keep the two-tone paint scheme (colors still undecided) and the original drivetrain. Two-tone, 6 cyl Tempests are rare these days as the lowly Tempests are usually canniballized to keep the GTO's in running order.

If all goes as planned, Cheryl will be cruising in style this summer! Oh yeah, she wants AIR CONDITIONING installed too!! Go figure...