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The family Boidae includes many boas and pythons. These snakes tend to be large and constrict their prey. The average length is around 8-12 feet, with some as small as 2 feet. The usual food item is rodents such as mice or rats. They enjoy soaking and climbing and their cage should be maintained at a temperature around 85-90 degrees F. Most of these snakes make great pets but the larger boas and pythons may not be suitable for beginners or children to keep.

Some different type of BOAS and PYTHONS

COLUBRIDS (common snakes)

The family Colubridae includes about 3/4 of all known snakes. This is why many people refer to them as common snakes. They can be found on all continents except the Antarctic. Most are known to have a slender body and have large head scales. These snakes tend to make the best pets and are suitable for beginners in most cases.

Read about a few types of COLUBRIDS that make good pets