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BLOOD PYTHON(*P. curtus)-A beautiful python that can be sometimes hard to find commercially and may be expensive. These snakes are usually around 10 feet long at maturity.

BURMESE PYTHON(P. molarus bivittatus)-An attractive python that may reach up to or over 23 feet. They often eat rabbits or chicken of appropriate size. Because of their strength they need to be handled with care but they are usually very tame snakes.

CARPET PYTHON(Morelia spilota)-This is a very beautiful black and yellow python from Australia. They average 6-8 feet long and are good pet snakes.

CHILDRENS PYTHON(Liasis childreni)-This is a gentle Australian python that averages about 3-4 feet long.

GREEN TREE PYTHON(Chondropython viridis)-A snake that is rare in captivity and can be more difficult to care for. They are usually around 6 feet and are very beautiful. They do have long and sharp teeth and can deliver a painful bite.

RETICULATED PYTHON(P. reticulatus)-A very large and sometimes unpredictable snake that may reach over 20 feet. They are extremely strong and should not be handled by young children or the inexperienced snake owner.

ROCK PYTHON(P. sebae)-A 15-20 foot long snake from Africa. They can be harder to keep and sometimes unpredictable, but for an experienced or very dedicated snake owner they can be great.

ROYAL "BALL" PYTHONS(P. regius)-An extremely popular pet snake. They are commonly called Ball Pythons because they tend to coil into a ball when frightened or nervous. They are usually around 3-5 feet and are great pets.

SAVU PYTHON(Liasis machloti savuensis)-This is a rather rare python to find in captivity. They reach about 4 feet long and are burrowing snakes. They are orange as hatchlings and change to brown or black, sometimes with speckling. The most striking feature of these snakes is their pure white eyes, they are beautiful.

SPOTTED PYTHON(Anteresia maculosa)-This is a 3 foot long python that is very calm natured.

*-P. stands for species Python

an albino ball python

a beautiful adult green tree python

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