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COLUBRIDS (common snakes)

BULLSNAKES(Pitophis species)-These north american snakes average 8 feet or less. When encountered in the wild the will hiss loudly and appear to be venomous, but they are harmless.

CORNSNAKE(Elaphe guttata)-A common pet snake that grows 3-6 feet long and eats rodents. They come in many different color varieties. These snakes are very popular pets and are excellent for children and beginners. An adult corn can be kept in a 20 gallon long tank or larger.

FOX SNAKE(Elaphe vulpina)-This 5 foot snake lives on a diet of rodents. They make good pets and are related to CORNSNAKES.

GARTER SNAKES(Thamnophis species)-Garter and Ribbon snakes make excellent pets because they are easy to house, feed, and handle. These are the very best beginner snakes. Their diet in captivity is mainly feeder fish, worms, and an occasional small mouse. Garters are very small snakes (under 3 feet). There are many different sub-species. They also come in a wide variety of colors including: green, yellow, orange, or sky blue striped. The Flame Garter is a bright red!

GREEN SNAKES(Orpheodrys species)-These are thin snakes that are active in the day. They reach 2-3 feet and eat mainly crickets and other soft-bodied insects.

HOGNOSE SNAKES(Heterodon species)-These snakes are recognized by their upturned rostral scale that gives them their name. They average 2-3 feet and eat frogs and toads. In captivity most will feed on mice. When threatened they will hiss loudly or play dead, they seldom bite. They will do well in a small to medium sized enclosure.

INDIGO SNAKE(Drymarchon corais)-These beautiful snakes grow to no more than 8 feet long. They will eat medium sized rodents.

KINGSNAKES(Lampropeltis species)-A common snake that grows to be 3-6 feet. They eat rodents in captivity but will eat lizards and other snakes so they should be housed alone or with snakes of very similar size. They do well in 30-50 gallon tank. Kings come in many different colors, the Scarlet King has bands of black, red, and yellow or white, and the Mexican Black King is black.

MILK SNAKE(Lampropeltis triangulum)-This 5 foot relative of the KINGSNAKE is a good pet snake. They will easily accept small rodents as a food source.

RACER(Coluber constrictor)-A very fast-moving snake that averages 5 feet. They are active during the day and need a relatively large cage to adjust to captivity.

RAT SNAKE-(Elaphe obsoleta)-A 6 foot long snake that is very closely related to the CORN SNAKE. As their name implies they eat small rats.

RINGNECK SNAKE(Diadophis punctatus)-This is a very small snake that averages 2 feet or less. They are usually black with a red ring around their neck. They are noctunal burrorers that will eat worms.

WATER SNAKES(Nerodia species)-These aquatic snakes can reach 5 feet long. Their diet consists almost entirely of fish. Thay are sometimes aggressive, but not dangerous.

a very handsom kingsnake

a creamsicle cornsnake

a plains garter snake