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AMAZON TREE BOA(Corallus enydris)-These boas are about 5 feet long and spend most of their time in tree branches. They need a tall cage to allow room for climbing.

ANACONDAS(Eunectes species)-A giant snake that lives in or near the waters of northern and central South America. They can reach 20 feet and are very strong and heavy. Legends tell of Anacondas reaching over 40 or 50 feet, but it is unknown as to how true these tales are. Anacondas are generally too aggresive to keep as pets except by very experienced handlers. There are two types of anaconda, the GREEN (E. murinus) averages 18 feet, and the YELLOW (E.notaeus) averages 8 feet.

ARGENTINE BOA(Boa constrictor occidentalis)-This is a very dark form of the boa constrictor. They are sometimes aggresive but calm down with regular handling.

BOA CONSTRICTOR(Boa constrictor imperator)-This snake is often called the common or central american boa. They are typically docile and make excellent pets. They reach an average of 6-8 feet..

EMERALD TREE BOA(Corallus caninus)-A tropical snake from South America, rare in captivity and can be rather expensive. They are around 6 feet long. They are born orange and change to a brilliant green at maturity. These boas have very long and sharp teeth and can be aggresive.

HOGG ISLAND BOAS(Boa constrictor species)-This is a very light colored form of the boa constrictor. They are increasing in popularity.

RAINBOW BOA(Epicrates cenchria)-A very beautiful and calm snake from Central America and Argentina. They are usually under 6 feet. These snakes require high humidity and need daily misting.

RED-TAIL BOA(Boa constrictor constrictor)-A very common pet snake that averages 10-12 feet in length. Despite their size these are very calm and gentle snakes and make great pets.

ROSY BOA(Lichanura trivirgata)-A small, slow-moving snake that is very "blunt" in shape. They reach about 4 feet in size and do well in captivity.

RUBBER BOA(Charina bottae)-A small northern boa that is only around 2-3 feet long. They are one of the smallest boas.

SAND BOAS(Eryx species)-A stout-bodied boa from the dry regions of Africa and Asia. A hot, dry cage with several inches of sand is needed to keep these snakes happy as they love to burrow.

headshot of a boa constrictor

the body of a rainbow boa

a beautiful boa



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