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~As We Go Along~

The 1960's

Leave Behind The Stormy Weather

I Couldn't Stand Another Day Without A Friend

Give Up Your Secrets (3 parts)

New Beginnings (RATED PG-13)

Listen To The Band (4 parts)

Forget That Girl (6 parts)

Changes (4 parts)

Me Without You (5 parts)

I'll Spend My Life With You (2 parts)

The 1970's

All Alone in the Dark (RATED NC-17) (7 parts)

Love You Forever (4 parts)

Secret Heart (RATED R) (3 parts)

Daddy's Song (4 parts)

No Time (5 parts)

I Can't Get Her Off My Mind (RATED R) (5 parts)

Long Way Home (RATED NC-17) (7 parts)

Separate Ways (RATED R) (4 parts)

Every Step of the Way (3 parts)

Making Love With You (RATED R)

I'd Go The Whole Wide World (RATED R) (4 parts)

If I Knew (4 parts)

The 1980's

Mommy & Daddy (RATED PG-13) (5 parts)

Little Girl (5 parts)

The 1990's

I'm A Believer (RATED PG-13) (6 parts)

Let's Dance On (6 parts)

Heart & Soul (RATED PG-13) (4 parts)

Epilogue (4 parts)

As We Go Along TimeLine

Updated: December, 1999.