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Ravensday Nature Ezine

Chicago & Illinois Birding

Photo by Martin Phillips

Austin Wyman, Jr. who was always known as Bud to his many friends and acquaintances, Has passed away. He will be missed by all of us! Many fond Montrose memories, our prayers are with Bud's family.

Alton MO. Map where the SMEW and many other wonders are.

Articles & Stories by Eric & Marty.

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Build a bird Blind with your kids!

Chicago Wilderness article on the Snowy and Montroses own Kanae

Backyard Bird Feeding from U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Montrose Snowy Owl in Chicago, Click here!

Get involved in your Christmas Bird Count

About Eric and Marty

Here is a map of Montrose beach.(Thank You Jim Landing)

Whooping Crane article on Robert Hughes' Page!

Read about The Common Raven!

Guy Luneau's article about ivorybills.

Article by: Craig Taylor
Tales from Timer Trails

If you have a funny birding article or a birding trip article please email me and I will try to get it up on this page.EMAIL HERE

Cool fact: Around 1840, John James Audubon became America's first bird bander, and the Eastern Phoebe became America's first banded bird, after he "fixed a light silver thread to the leg" of several nestlings.
When he returned to the area the following year, he located two of the banded birds with their own nests, evidence for his supposition that birds return to their natal home to breed.

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