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Who are Eric & Marty


Eric Clayton and Marty Phillips live in Chicago (Uptown) and you may see them at the Magic Hedge on the shores of Lake Michigan looking for that Saw-Whet Owl Every year that somehow eludes us. We may be telling you about some really cool species of bird we have seen. Your response of course will be “Oh yes I saw 40 of those yesterday at Belmont.”
We enjoy going to Bushnell Illinois, our Church owns some campground property there. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington are other states we like to visit when we can. Alaska seems to be a dream of Marty’s.

Marty and his Wife looking at some Common Mergansers in U.P. of Michigan

Marty Phillips has been birding since He was nine and has over 300 birds on his list, but still has a hard time differentiating between a Coopers Hawk and a Sharp-Shinned Hawk (or as one new birder put it “Sharp-Skinned Hawk.”) He works for a large Christian music and arts festival called Cornerstone Festival that draws about 24,000 people a year. Besides Bird watching He likes good coffee, hiking, music and Ginger Beer (ale) …The kind that BUUURNS.
Marty’s Favorite binoculars are the new PENTAX 8x42 DCF WP with phase coating. His favorite girl is his wonderful wife Jesse. Without Jesse, Marty would not know who He was or where anything was. He also would not own those Pentaxes without HER.
Marty is a member of the Roger Tory Peterson Institue, The Chicago Ornithological Society and The Illinois Ornithological Society.
So next time you see Marty say “Over there? Is that a Cooper’s or a Sharp-Shinned? Oh and yesterday did you see that Saw Whet Owl!?”

Eric Clayton is a proud Father of a cute little girl. He has been Bird watching for a little over 3 years with over 240 birds on his list and can tell the difference between a Cooper’s and Sharp Shinned. He loves his Swift Audubon’s and dreams of ordering a Kowa scope. When Eric is not playing bass for his imaginary metal band. He Cooks and Schedules food preparation For a Christian Community and Senior Citizens. Eric loves waterfowl and an occasional Bird of Prey (umm..not to cook). Somehow Eric never sees those Long Tailed Ducks (Oldsquaws), They seem to leave minutes before Eric shows up. He Loves his wonderful wife and his sweet little girl.
Eric is a member of Chicago Ornithological Society.
If you ever see Eric at Montrose just say “Hey isn’t that a Long Tailed Duck out there! Oh wait it’s a …Mallard”.

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