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Christmas Edition

I have fallen slightly behind on this project. It is now June, and I have just converted the Christmas Edition. Never fear, though. I will convert Off the Wall 98-99 in its entirety before school starts again (though for the life of me, I donít know where I will find the time to do this - maybe Iíll use my average five hours of nothing to do a day to accomplish something). I thank you for your patience, and I ask again that you sign the guestbook, although it seems that it is rejecting any entries made in Internet Explorer. But please sign it anyway. Youíll have to use Netscape, but itís better anyway.

And now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the Off the Wall 98-99 Christmas Edition.

-Off the Wall Web Development Staff

Introduction for Christmas Edition

Christmas on the Streets

The Carnie that Saved Christmas

Christmas Crow Poem

Spreading the Christmas Spirit

The Story of Christmas

Captain Vocabís Christmas Challenge

Santa Claus - Demigod or Harmless Christmas Icon?

Christmas Recipes*

Church and State

Christmas TV Specials

Some quite strange Christmas Haiku

The Off the Wall Staff is not liable for any extreme pain, sickness, and or death due to the contents of these recipes.

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