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recommended cat books

These are the best cat books I've encountered.

The Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook:

If you own no other cat book, you should own this one. It will help you understand your cat's health much better and will get you more value out of your cat's vet visits (because you'll understand more of what they are doing for your cat).

It also has the most specific info for those who have a cat about to have kittens. In fact, it saved my cat Winnie's life because she was a breech birth and we had to rotate her, pull her out and get her breathing.

Extremely readable, has tons of pictures and illustrations, and is well-written.

How to Raise a Sane and Healthy Cat—has lots of info about cat care, including how to make cat toys and treats. Thorough and fun, without making you feel guilty if you, perhaps, don't do everything the book recommends. One of my favorite books.

"The New Natural Cat" by Anitra Frazier—emphasizes diet and pyschological factors of cat health, holistic. Very opininated, but it has more detail on preventative medicine and care of severely ill/very oldcats than any other book I've read.

"Twisted Whiskers: Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems"—has solutions to many behavior problems (litter box, biting, displaced aggression). Holistic but still useful if you don't believe in natural remedies.

Here's links to some of the best new cat care books. offers a 20%– 30% discount on most of these.