[The Cristian Science Monitor]...Says the paratrooper: "The Israeli army's most formidable foe is the Jewish mother."

Red Line (Kav Adom movement)
(As of September 1998, this web site, does not belong to "Four Mothers")
The site of Israeli citizens who support the immediate withdrawal of I.D.F from Lebanon

This web site was established and maintained by Yona Rochlin

Our "come back", Women and mothers for peace movement

Stop the Deterioration, an ad signed by Israeli intellectuals, November 2000

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Khiam Prison

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Memorial Events in memory of the 73 I.D.F. soldiers who died in a helicopter crash

16th anniversary of the Lebanon War's demo

Missing soldiers from Sultan Yakub war

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6 members got arrested on March 7 1999

Children's demonstration on 14 Mar 1999

Demo next to Barak's residence Oct 14 1999

Our first demonstration [Ma'ariv]

Leave Lebanon now, protesters demand [Jerusalem Post 1 mar 99]

Red Line in army absorption camp "recruiting parents" [Yediot Aharonot Mar 21 99]

Demonstration against Col. Giora inbar

For the first time ! Ex troops joined Red Line and held a demonstration to mark 17 years to Lebanon war

Shaul Tzadka Investigated for Suspicion of Harassing Uri Lubrani [Jun 30 99]

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    Articles in Hebrew

    If my son will enter Lebanon, I will shoot his knee (Interview with Yona Rochlin)[Maariv, May 99]

    Why didn't you speak Lubrani? [Manuela Dviri,Ma'ariv , Jun 99]

    With our tail between our legs [Ofer Shelach, Ma'ariv , Jun 4 99]

    I put the blame By Aaron Barnea [May 12 99]

    How to withdrawal By Itay Landsberg

    We hide reality beneath a cloak of lies By Yona Rochlin, Seventh eye, Feb 98

    Articles in English

    The rise and fall of the security zone, By Danni Reshef

    Strategic changes in South Lebanon since 1985, By Danni Reshef

    A letter to Lebanon President, By Aaron Barnea

    Articles written by Manuela Dviri

    Hell No, They Won't Go By Ze'ev Chfetz

    Yes to unilateral withdrawal By Avraham Sela [senior lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the Hebrew University and a former member of the Israeli delegation to the Nakoura talks]

    How to leave By Etai Landsberg - Reserve Officer - IDF

    Articles from "Ha'aretz" newspaper (Under construction )

    Only complete withdrawal [ March 20, 2000 ]

    Theater of the absurd [ March 14, 2000 ]

    Wrapturously yours [Feb 19 2000]

    Dismantle the SLA now [December 19, 1999]

    Who owns the northern border? [Nov 21 99]

    How we won the war in Lebanon, Orit Shochat

    10 months to go in Lebanon Click here for Hebrew version[Sep 5 99]

    No peace in Galilee [Sep 3 99]

    Escalation is no solution [Jun 27 99]

    IDF's honor prevents Israel's normalcy [Jun 27 99]

    The potential pitfalls of withdrawal [May 28 99]

    Jezzine is no substitute [May 28 99]

    Who's in charge in Lebanon? [May 23 99]

    The Baalbek constituency [May 9 99]

    Imagine living in Arnoun [April 25 99]

    What price will we pay for Arnoun? [April 18 99]

    Needless bloodshed [December 1 1998 ]

    Getting out of Lebanon [November 30, 1998 ]

    Security for a song [November 29, 1998]

    In fair territory [November 20, 1998 ]Click hereFor response to the article

    Jezzine first [October 9, 1998]

    Hezbollah's security zone [August 23, 1998]

    Lebanon will wait for the elections [July 12, 1998]

    The prospect of many more body swaps [June 28, 1998]

    Rekindling the Lebanon debate [February 15, 1998]

    "Sarah would have told God, 'Forget it'." [January 2, 1998 ]

    Protests grow for Lebanon withdrawal [ October 20, 1997 ]

    To restore life to its former glory [ October 15, 1997]

    The transparent security zone [October 13, 1997 ]

    Blackjack in Lebanon [September 14, 1997 ]

    The Lebanese mess is still with us [September 8, 1997 ]

    Articles from Lebanese newspapers

    Al Hayat - The Four Mothers Movement plunges into the battle for peace via...the internet

    Same article in Arabic

    An interview conducted by e-mail with The Daily Star (Beirut) - Israeli civilians seek to build bridges Jan 98

    Beilins plan for withdrawal from the south -Daily star (Beirut)

    New York Times

    Mothers' Cry, "Out of Lebanon", Rouses Israelis [Sep 77]

    More Israelis questioning[Sep 77]

    Israel Seeks Deal to Quit Buffer Zone in Lebanon [ March 2, 1998]

    Israeli Deaths Ignite Debate on Pullout From Southern Lebanon [Nov 1998]

    Israel Mourns More War Dead in Lebanon [Feb 1999]

    Israel Changes Its Style in South Lebanon [Oct 99]

    Christian Science Monitor

    Wild card in Syria-Israel peacemaking: Hizbullah [Nov 1 99]

    Israel's Mothers Cry: 'Bring 'Em Home'

    In a War It Cannot Win, Israel Tries New Tactics

    Israel's 'Vietnam' Tarnishes Once-Sacred Military

    Long Goodbye in Lebanon Shows Israel's Pullout Woes

    Israel's 'Security Zone' Enters a Twilight Zone

    Entangled in Lebanon, Israel debates its Vietnam [The Cristian Science Monitor]

    Finishing Business of '78: Will Israel Exit Lebanon?

    From various resources

    Robert Fisk article on Lebanese occupied zoneClick here For more articles by Fisk

    Des pacifistes israéliennes communiquent avec "l'ennemi" via internet Le Monde Feb 98

    Pacifist Israelis Communicate with 'the Enemy'via Internet [Le Monde Feb 98]

    Interview with Yona Rochlin [by A.F.L]

    An occupation Israel would love to end [The Economist]

    Lebanon: Israel's Vietnam? [The Jerusalem Report]

    Mothers demonstrate for Lebanon pullout [Jerusalem Post]

    A short study of the pro-withdrawal movement in Israel and its potential influence on Israeli policy in Lebanon. By A.F.L

    Israelis Demand Lebanon Pullout * The Associated Press

    Mothers advance in search of military retreat - Gemini News Service

    An ABCNEWS article from inside the Hizbullah

    Mother of dead soldier says Israel must leave Lebanon [Associated Press]

    "Calls Mount for Israel to Retreat from Bloody Lebanese Conflict," [Agence France Presse]

    More in Israel urge pulling out of Lebanon [The Miami Herald]

    A shadowy enemy in Lebanon [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

    How many must die? [Time]

    Israel's Vietnam by Eric Margolis

Updating news and political view

    IDF withdraws from Lebanon after 18 years May 24, 2000

    Unanimous cabinet vote for south Lebanon pullout Mar 5 2000

    IDF using Israeli press for psych warfare (Haaretz, Oct 19, 1999)

    Lebanon: Hezbollah will stop attacks [Sobelman, Ha'aretz Oct 10, 99]

    Barak denies he is ready to withdraw from Lebanon unilaterally [afp Jul 16 1999]

    Tests show mix-up of naval commandos' remains [Jerusalem Post July 16, 1999]

    Militia Quits Key Base in S. Lebanon[Washington Post June 2 99]

    Lebanon honors anti-Israeli guerrillas for first time [Lebanon (AP)May 22 99 ]

    Hizbullahs southern commander:"Nothing new" [Beirut, Daily Star May 20, 99]

    Israel's Barak holds to Lebanon promise [Reuters May 20, 99]

    Syria 'anxious' for Israel talks [BBC May 20 99]

    'IDF hides dissenting views on Lebanon' [Jerusalem post May 20 99]

    Officers urge Barak: Quit south Lebanon [BBC May 19 99]

    Lebanon Dismisses Pullout Promises [BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) May 19 99 ]

    Hezbollah sends spectacular warning to Barak [AFP May 18 99]

    Khatami praises Hezbollah fight against Israel in Lebanon [Associated Press May 15 99]

    Hezbollah call on SLA to rebel against Israelis [Apr 26 99]

    IDF downplays policy change on redeployment in Lebanon [Haaretz Apr 12 99]

    Articles from December 1998 till March 1999

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    Articles from 1997

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    Al Hayat - The Four Mothers Movement plunges into the battle for peace via...the internet

    Same article in Arabic

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