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Interactive photographic map of the entire world!

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july 09 2004 - cool department stores
THIS HAS BEEN ONE SAVAGELY HOT SUMMER IN JAPAN, AND THE HUMIDITY HAS BEEN LITERALLY KILLING ME. For the first time in my life I have developed an understanding of what heat exhaustion is all about, and a familiarity with its symptons -- itchy skin, headache, loss of stamina and sleepiness and so on. It sucks, because my house has no real air-conditioning, and feels like a sauna right now. The heat and humidity have got so bad that, when I have free time, all I want to do is find some ice-cold air-conditioned department store so I can start to feel normal again. This week I found a pretty good department store, located in a cool green wave-shaped building, in Nihombashi, one of the snootier regions of Tokyo. I can recommend it for a visit, because it has a number of interesting features.

Nihonbashi, literally meaning "Japan Bridge", is a city district of Tokyo, just north of Ginza. The bridge, after which the district is named, has been the mile zero marker for Japan's national highway network since the early Edo Period.

Formerly a wooden bridge, the Nihonbashi was reconstructed in stone during the Meiji Period, and covered by an express way in the 1960s. You can cross a partial 1:1 replica of the original wooden bridge in the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku.

Salmon and pasta salad and Perrier bought at the Food Market Perrier at Coredo Department Store, Nihombashi, Tokyo, Japan Food Market Precce: Basement food court, Coredo Department Store, near Nihombashi subway station (inside the green sail-like Meryll Linch tower.
As I have said before Tokyo is notorious for its high pricesCso if you are feeling the pinch during your visitCwhy not pick up a meal at one of the thousands and thousands of convenience stores that operate in the city. You could eat every day at some convenience stores and never get bored of the menu. One place I like is the basement supermarket at the Coredo Department Store at Nihombashi. Called the Food Market PrecceCit has plenty of prepared meals with a gourmet touch. The last time I dropped in (May 3 2006) I enjoyed this salmon and pasta salad with PerrierCfor just over 600 Yen.
Yukari Pratt (better known on the Web as Travel Lady, is similarly impressed with the basement food court at Coredo. On her guide to Tokyo bakeries, Travel Lady wrote: "At Maison Kayser you will find what the French say is the perfect croissant, as well as other classic French breads. They have a café in the basement of Coredo Nihonbashi and a number of department stores."



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