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I WAS STARTING TO FEEL A LITTLE down about the Akiko Aftermath, and how she had gone off with that other guy for a whole week, even though she professed to like me as well. I was starting to figure her as a flake, like all the other flunkeys I have met in my life -- and frankly I wasn't expecting hear from her again. I had given up hope! But yesterday, after I had finished an English lesson inside Tokyo train station, and was tucking into a bland meal inside the huge underground Yaesu shopping mall (it was at Italian Tomato, a Meat Doria, 550 yen) a sudden wave of intuition came over me. I don't know why, I don't know how -- but I just knew that Akiko and the other guy has split up. They had broken up, and Akiko had realised that I was the better catch. Guess what -- I was right!

How did I know it? I must be psychic after all! When I got home, later that night, a message came through to my mobile phone which brought a smile to my face. It was from Akiko, and it read: "Today I was seperated with my boyfriend! We can meet! When?" Kind of presumptious, expecting me to forgive her and drop everything to see her -- but cute nonetheless! Whatever -- I'm back in the driver's seat! There's new action a'coming! What can compare to the thrill of scoring a new girl -- especially when she leaves her boyfriend because she figures you are better than him? There's no grander feeling.

THIS IS WHERE THINGS get wierd and mystical, but I am still amazed that I instantly knew when Akiko split up with her boyfriend, even though it is scientifically impossible. There must be some paranormal explanation. As for me, I have this strange belief in cycles and that similar things regularly recur in my life. For instance, if one thing happens in on an October 5 one year, a similar thing happens on an October 5 the next year. My life is that symmetrical, I swear! Sometimes I can predict what is going to happen, just from the cycles! As you continue reading this weblog, I hope you will begin to see what I mean.

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