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Tokyo Architecture Highlights

Akihabara Street Scene
Akihabara Street Scene Chuo Dori Street
Chou Dori Street
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Rotors -- Under the Yamanote Line near Akihabara
Rotors -- Under the Yamanote Line near Akihabara Disney Castle, Maihama
Disney Castle, Maihama Tokyo Tower, as seen from Roppongi Hills Tower
Tokyo Tower Viral Tubes, near Landmark Tower, Yokohama
Viral Tubes, Yokohama

maid in heaven - akihabara
HERE IS THE LIST OF AKIHABARA MAID CAFES, IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Because there are so many maid cafes these days, I have had to split the list in half -- this is for maid cafes from L-Z. If the maid cafe you want information about starts with a letter which comes before "L", click here. To return to the main maid cafe index, click here.

Little BSD (Little Beauty's Satanic Dining): 外神田3−7−12イサミヤ第8ビル4F.
(4th floor Dai 8 Isamiya Building, 3-7-12 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/3252 2733. Web: http://littlebsd.com.
This has probably the coolest name for a restaurant I have seen anywhere in the world. It's what they call in Japan an izakaya -- basically a bar where you can eat a range of small meals while you drink. It looks pretty sleek and swish inside too. In between drinking and eating, you can flirt with the cute maids and pose with them in pictures! There are 15 waitresses and they wear different costumes everyday. They will also hand-feed you if you ask them!
Patrick Rial wrote in his excellent article: "Little BSD is a cosplay izakaya that was also packed to the hilt on a recent Thursday night. The crowd is decidedly normal -- salarymen and office ladies are out in full force. Here, the girls can choose their own costumes, and many are actually anime and manga fans themselves. As an added bonus, the staff will allow you to take photos with them, something that is expressly forbidden at many other maid cafe and bars. They are also quite happy to chat with customers, and most speak conversational English."
It is seven minutes walk from the ElectricTown exit of Akihabara Station -- for a map click here.

Maid Cafe Chocolatte: 神田須田町 1-2-1 第二萩野ビル2階。丸の内線淡路町駅A2出口すぐ左.
(To get there take the Marunouchi line to Awajichou, leave by the A2 exit and you will find the cafe immediately on the left.)
Phone: 03/3251 7755. Web: http://chocolatte.jp.
As one of my female friends said after I showed her the leaflet: "This looks like a real stylish cafe, not a sleazy maid cafe." This maid cafe, quite far from the heart of Akihabara, is in fact a lot more sophisticated than some of the other maid cafes, which cater to an essentially babyish clientele. This is on the upmarket tip and you can tell it by the cleanliness of the walls, and the polish on the tables and chairs. In its brochure the management claim that the cafe's aim is to recreate the idleness and relaxation of a resort in the south of France. Actually, southern French recreations all the rage in Japan at the moment -- I visited one recently at Minami Osawa. But that is of course another story.
Some of the items on the menu include coffee at 400 Yen, that ubiqitious Japanese fast food curry rice at 800 Yen and hand-made sweets at 480 Yen. Unlike other maid cafes this is one is open for breakfast -- it opens in fact at 7.30am weekdays (except Monday) and stays open until 10pm.

The thin Lammtara building squeezed in between the Sega and LAOX outlets on Chuo Dori, and home to the Maid Cafe Lamm and plenty of anime porn Maid Cafe Lamm: 外神田1−15−2ミオス本館ビル6F.
(6th floor Miosu Headquarters Building, 1-15-2 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5207 5877. Web: http://www.lammtarra.com.
This one is located in the needle-thin orange Lammtara Building, close to Akihabara Station on Chuo Dori. I recently nosed around the six-storey building and was surprised to find it dedicated completely to anime inspired adult movies. There is a word for this kind of entertainment -- hentai anime. Needless to say, if you like animals in your porn, head up to the 5th floor. One further flight of stairs will take you to the maid cafe.
As Pam relates on his website: "今年は(he was writing this in 2004)、1周年になったばかりの"Lamm"からスタートです。ここは、JR秋葉原駅から一番近いですね。 店内はあまり変わった雰囲気無くて、前回に比べてテーブルクロスがある分、喫茶店な雰囲気が強くなってました。メイドさんは、黒のロングで4人ぐらいで頑張っていました。午前中で早かったので、ちょっとメイドさんが少なめな感じがしました。"
This cafe is open from 11am to 9.30pm, and Pam related above, it is the closest of all the maid cafes to Akihabara Station (I disagree though, because I think the Pinafore Maid Cafe listed below is actually a little closer. But whatever...) When Pam visited there were four "long black" maids working hard -- long black what's you might be wondering? I am wondering too what he meant by that phrase. Maids with long black hair perhaps -- or long black dresses? Choose your own fantasy folks!
If you want to celebrate your birthday at the cafe and you give them at least five-days' notice, they will make you a cake! You could also get some birthday photos taken with the maids!

MIA Cafe on street behind Chou Dori, in Akihabara Japan Maid in Angels (MIA) Cafe: 外神田3−1−2明治ビル1F(M2F).
(1st floor Meiji Building, 3-2-2 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5294 0078. Web: http://www.mia-cafe.com.
With its English language website and some English-speaking staff, this cafe is a good choice for tourists to dip their toes into the maid cafe phenomenom, without having to worry about the language barrier.
In fact, MIA Cafe is so foreigner-friendly, they are actually looking for English-speaking staff -- go to their website for application details! The lunch set featurs pasta or curry rice plus coffee or tea or ice creams for 1000 Yen. More exotic items on the menu include spicy fish egg pasta for 700 Yen. It is the typical modern Tokyo fare -- and to be honest, most guyts aren't there for the food, right. The maids are the attraction -- and from what I am told, they will not disappoint!
The joint is open 12.30pm to 10pm weekdays and 11am to 10pm on weekends. Visit their website for a map to their premises -- basically it is on the next big street parallel to Chou Dori, heading away from Akihabara Station.

Necca Akihabara: 外神田1−10−5廣瀬本社ビル4F.
(4th floor Hirose Honsha Building, 1-10-5 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5294 3380. Web: http://www.necca.ne.jp/~akihabara/a/. Map: http://www.necca.ne.jp/~akihabara/a/t/map.htm.
All right, this is not technically a maid cafe -- it is more like an Internet/game cafe. But the staff here are dressed like maids, I thought it deserved a mention in this archive. If you want cuties to coo and handfeed you silver spoonfuls of curry rice, this ain't your place. But if you like the excitement of the gaming parlor, then this certainly is your goddamned place! Necca Akihabara (there are by the way other Necca cafes across Japan -- you will find some in Kobe and Hiroshima for example) sits atop hey, perhaps the best gamers hangout in all of Tokyo. I went there tonight (March 20 2006) and I was blown away. At Necca you can hire a PC for 130 Yen for 15 minutes, while renting a moveable notebook computer will set you back 210 Yen for 30 minutes. Necca Akihabara caters for Net surfers, gamers and business users, with all the software and game titles and resources you could ask for. Apart from banks of computers, there is also a cafe area. That's where the maids are!
There are a range of items on sale at Necca Cafe including spaghetti, coffee and cake and alcohol.
Getting here from the station: JR秋葉原駅電気街口徒歩2分, 中央通りソフマップ1号店さん2軒隣, クレーンゲームがあるエスカレーターで4階.
Necca Akihabara is open from 10am to 11.30pm.

Pash Cafe Maid Cafe at Akihabara Pash Cafe Nagomi: 外神田1−8−4.
(1-8-4 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5256 8001. Web: http://www.nagomi.tv. Map: http://www.nagomi.tv/access/index.html.
Yes there actually is a place called Pash Cafe in Japan -- it almost ranks up there with Little Beauty's Satanic Dining as one of the coolest named restaurants in the world.
The even cooler thing is, if you stand on the street outside (there is a PC-themed kind of shop on the first floor, Pash Cafe on the second) you can get a rare glimpse of the private world of the maid cafe. That's right you can see diners sitting at their tables, plenty of Mickey Mouse and other toys cramming the windowsills, and the occasionally passing elegant figure of a beautiful maid. Last time I was there there was no pashing visible I am sorry to report. More maid cafes (Cute M's) and a toy shop upstairs. In fact toys and maids seem to be the central feature of this building...
Open from 11am to 10pm daily.

The logo of Pinafore Maid Cafe, literally within shouting distance of Akihabara Station Pinafore: 神田佐久間町1−19山中ビル1F.
(1st floor Yamanaka Building, 1-19 Kanda Sakumacho.)
Phone: 03/5846 0778. Email: maid@pinafore.jp. Web: http://www.pinafore.jp.
This looks like one of the more interesting maid cafes, especially for people who like a darker edge to their eroticism (eg, people like me!)
It also seems to be one of the more popular maid cafes, as evidenced by the queues which I frequently see waiting outside the homely little establishment.
At the time of writing, all the maids at Pinafore Cafe were wearing horns on their heads -- click the link to see visual confirmation of this. Maybe this was on account of the annual devil chasing ceremony which takes place every February... whatever, it looked good. All the maids featured somewhere on their person the Chinese ideogram for oni (鬼) -- "devil".
Whatever time of the year you visit, this cafe is staffed by sexy little devils -- and unlike some of the overly compliant maids at other cafes, the devils at Pinafore are genuinely sexy.
Again, click the cafe link above to see photographic proof of this!
To get to this cafe, take the Showa Dori exit (look for the sign which says "昭和通り口") at Akihabara Station.
Turn right, then immediately turn right down the small lane which runs past the station.
After that take the first small lane on the left.
It is only a one-minute walk from Akihabara Station to Pinafore Maid Cafe.
The cafe is open 11am to 10pm daily.

Pinky Heart: 外神田3−14−9北澤ビル6F.
(6th Floor Kitazawa Building, Chuo Dori near Akihabara Station, 3-14-9 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5298 8558. Web: http://www.otakara-1.com.
Open from 1pm to 8pm on weekdays and from 12pm to 9pm on weekends. You've got to consume at least one drink per hour and that is going to set back at least 590 Yen. For an extra 500 Yen, you get a chance to play a game with the maids -- if you win you can get a photo taken with them.

Royal Milk Cafe: 外神田3−10−12日加石油ビル2F.
(2nd floor Nikka Sekiyu Building, 3-10-12 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/3253 7858. Web: http://www.r-milk.com.
Located in the same building as the Tiara Maid Cafe and a new Indian superrestaurant,Bengal, Royal Milk appears to be a cross between a conventional maid cafe, and an aromatherapy parlor. As the official website points out: "Welcome home, Man of the house. Would you like your maid to serve you some tea? And some therapeutic care? Please unwind and make yourself at home.
"When you visit Royal Milk Cafe, we'd like to remind you of times past.
"Our cafe employs two different types of maid, to meet the requirements of the master.
"They are differentiated by their uniform:
"PINK: The Maids dressed in PINK offer a higher level of service, such as therapeutic care. They'll help alleviate all the stresses of the day.
"BLACK: The Maids dressed in BLACK AND WHITE specialize in cafe service.
If you require any assistance, please ask."
Open 12noon to 10pm daily; Royal Milk is closed on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month.

Tiara: 外神田3−10−12日加石油ビル3F.
(3rd floor Nikka Sekiyu Building, 3-10-12 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/3253 7858. Web: http://cafe-tiara.com/. Map: http://cafe-tiara.com/category/12/blog/2.
This is right upstairs from the Royal Milk Maid Cafe, in the heart of the maid district of Akihabara. Elegance and style seem to be the names of the game here... and unlike some other maid cafes (like Pinafore for example) you are allowed to take one photo if you ask permission. If you want to know the blood type of your maid (it is always good to have that kind of information) you can find out online.
Open from 12 noon to 9.30pm on weekdays and 11am to 10pm on weekends and holidays.

Wish Doll Cafe:
WishDollは2005年1月に店舗移転のため、現在お店が無くなっている状態です。 そのため、こちらの方でいつまでも過去の店舗紹介をするのは、 ユーザの方達に誤解を生む可能性があると判断し、公開を一時的に停止する事にしました。 また、新店舗が出来た時には、新たに調査をしなおし順次公開していく予定です。 ユーザの皆様には大変なご迷惑をお掛けします事を、この場を借りて謝罪させて頂きます。 2005/3/6 AMRI管理人 みなみ

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