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I am actively seeking work in education and the media in Iceland, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Myanmar, the United States, basically anywhere on the Earth. I am interested in travel writing, blogging, photography and video making. I graduated from one of Australia's premier journalism schools in 1994 with a degree in Communications (Print Journalism). I subsequently gained employment at the Cumberland Newspaper Group, working as a junior reporter at a variety of local newspaper offices in Sydney, New South Wales. I was actively engaged in planning newspaper content, researching and writing news stories, interviewing officials, attending public meetings, and liasing with advertising staff and the general public.

I have nine years of teaching English experience in Japan, and I hope to relocate to Vietnam soon. Over the years in Japan I have taught literally hundreds of students, of all ages, from babies to the very old (one of my current students is an 83-year-old man.) I often receive compliments for my clear pronounciation during lessons.

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Name: Robert Sullivan.
Date of Birth: 1973-02-02.
Nationality: Australian.
Phone: 0431 745.
Address: 65 Malvina Parade, Lake Haven, NSW 2263.
Email address:

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10/2006 - Present: Telephone English teacher, World Family (Disney's World of English), Tokyo.
06/2007 - Present: Business English teacher, Clestra Hauserman, Tokyo.
05/2006: Restaurant review writer, TOKYO NOTICE BOARD.
12/2004 - Present: Head English teacher, Kidea English Academy, involved in developing curriculum and training new teachers.
07/2003 - Present: Actor (extra) for a selection of Tokyo talent agencies, appearing on prime-time Japanese TV and various movies, television programs, and so on.
05/2002 - 04/2003: English Teacher, WinBe Eikaiwa English School. Eikaiwa teacher for WinBe, a Japanese company. Actively taught a wide range of students, from small children to adults and business students.
11/2000 - 03/2002: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Machida Education Board/others Full-time ALT at five elementary schools in the Machida region. Prepared my own lesson plans and strove for dynamic, interesting lessons. Also worked as an ALT for some Tokyo primary schools.
06/1994 - 09/2000: Newspaper Journalist, News Limited Corporation Newspaper journalist for News Limited publications in the greater Sydney region. Actively involved in finding and writing stories, working in a busy office, meeting deadlines and liaising with sales staff. I won several awards for journalism in this period.


02/1991 - 04/1994: BA (Communications), Charles Sturt University, Australia.


Successfully maintaining and producing material for my own website about Japan and travel issues -- averages 1000 hits per day.
Co-wrote a number of scripts which were made into low-budget movies, some of them starring prominent Australian actors and actresses.
Won ASNA (Australian Suburban Newspaper Association) Award for best newspaper with a circulation of more than 40,000 people, August 2000.


Travelling, developing my Internet homepage for pleasure and profit, writing, photography.



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