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Tokyo Architecture Highlights

Akihabara Street Scene
Akihabara Street Scene Chuo Dori Street
Chou Dori Street
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Rotors -- Under the Yamanote Line near Akihabara
Rotors -- Under the Yamanote Line near Akihabara Disney Castle, Maihama
Disney Castle, Maihama Tokyo Tower, as seen from Roppongi Hills Tower
Tokyo Tower Viral Tubes, near Landmark Tower, Yokohama
Viral Tubes, Yokohama

books and book stores - akihabara
Melon Books: O_cP|PO|TL{ЃrB1.
(Basement level Hirosesha Building, 1-10-5 Soto Kanda.)
Phone: 03/5295 7060. Web: http://www.melonbooks.co.jp. Map: Click here.
There are a number of Melon Books outlets across Japan. The one in Akihabara is located right next to the Sofmap store, in the basement of the Game Center Hey. The word "Hey" in the picture above actually means "Hirose Entertainment Yard", Hirose being a popular Japanese first name. My first ever girlfriend in Japan was a Hirose! But enough about me -- let's hear about Melon Books! As the Spirits of Anime report: "You might say that the green decoration theme is the trademark look of Melon Books. The wide bookshelves are all but overflowing with books.
"Yar! There be doujinshi and comics aplenty atop these lime-green shelves!
"Comics for a general audience, comics for adults, and doujinshi are separated by genre. If you're bewildered by the selection, there's also a corner for bestsellers and the storekeeper's personal recommendations.
"The popular comics and doujinshi are stacked flat on the table.
"Melon Books offers a wide selection of doujinshi, focusing on the latest publications.
"This is also the place to find fan-made software (either games or CG collections) and fan-made soundtracks.
"As one might expect of a store that sells the newest and most interesting doujinshi, Melon Books is perpetually crowded with customers (eds note: what else is new, this is Japan...)"
Melon Books is open from 11am to 10pm; closed during New Years' holidays.

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