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12 Tonar: reykjavik record stores
IN PAMPLOMA IN SPAIN YOU CAN (AS ERNEST HEMMINGWAY RELATED) RUN WITH THE BULLS TO PROVE YOUR MANHOOD AND POSSIBLY GET GORED; IF YOU WANT TO RUN AMOK IN ICELAND, THE RUNTUR IS YOUR GAME. À Reykjavík, les amateurs de shopping auront le choix entre la longue rue commerçante de Laugavegur, bordée de boutiques souvent «branchées» et la grande galerie marchande de Kringlan, qui permet de faire ses courses par tous les temps dans des halls agréables abritant 150 boutiques, restaurants, cinéma, services etc. Ce complexe est situé au nouveau centre-ville, à quelque distance de plusieurs grands hôtels de la ville. Au vieux centre-ville, la rue Skólavörðustígur, qui part de Laugavegur, mérite un détour pour ses petites galeries d¡Çart et d¡Çartisanat, ses bijouteries et boutiques de design. Enfin, pour les amateurs de pittoresque et de brocante, le marché couvert de Kolaportið, situé face au quai du port et ouvert le samedi et le dimanche, peut être l¡Çendroit où passer un bon moment tout en faisant de bonnes affaires.

En dehors de Reykjavík, la nouvelle galerie marchande de Smáralind, sur le territoire de la ville voisine de Kopavogur, est la plus grande de toute l¡ÇIslande.

Akureyri, dans le nord, a une rue piétonne agréable pour faire des emplettes et aussi une nouvelle galerie marchande impressionnante, Glerártorg.

Flugterían: am Flughafen in Reykjavík, IS-101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 551 2940.

Jacobsen (groundfloor), which is situated on Austurstraeti

Jómfrúin: Lækjargata 4, IS-101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 551 0100.

Kaffi Roma ehf: Laugavegi 118, 105 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 562 0020.

Kaffibrennslan kaffihús: Pósthússtræti 9, 101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 561 3600.

Kaffihúsið Reykjavík Bagel Company: Laugavegi 81, 101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 511 4500.

Kaffitár: Roasterie/Café/shop Stapabraut 7, 260 Reykjanesbær. Tel.: +354 420 2700, +354 420 2710. Fax: +354 420 2701.
Open: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00, Saturday 10:00 - 18:00, Sunday 13:00 - 17:00 Guided tours are available upon request.
Coffee store Espressobar Leifur Eiríkssson Airport, Keflavík.
Coffee store Espressobar Kringlunni 8–12, 103 Reykjavík. Tel: +354 588 0440.
Web: Website here.
Kaffitár is an Icelandic roasterie, specializing in importing, roasting and serving the finest Arabica coffee beans. Apart from the roasterie, the company owns three coffee stores-espresso bars in Reykjavík and one at the international airport featuring coffee beans, coffee drinks and various gift items. Kaffitár¡Çs coffee expert personally selects each type of coffee, since not all Arabica beans meet our high standards. Producing specialty coffee may be compared to wine production and brewing, where good quality beans and correct preparation is essential from start to finish.

Mokka: Skólavörðustígur 3a, IS-101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 552-1174.

Svarta kaffið: Laugavegur 54, IS-101 Reykjavik. Tel.: +354 551-2919.
The name means "Black Coffee" in Icelandic, and black coffee is what you will get -- and a whole lot more. This place gets a good mention in Lonely Planet, so it must be something kind of spesh. This big drawcard here is the soup (two different kinds every day) served in bread dishes. This is a smoke free café in a cosy old on one of the most happening streets in Reykjavik.

Súfistinn: Laugarvegur 18, IS-101 Reykjavík. Tel.: +354 552-3740.

Te og kaffi: Laugavegur 24. Excellent coffee, cakes and. light dishes. Best pecan pie in town. Smoke free.

Bókabúð Máls og menningar Laugavegi 18
Bókabúðin Hlemmi Laugavegi 118
Iceland í allri sinni dýrð |
22.06.2006 13:22:26
Þetta verður dýrðlegur dagur, enda er Kristur þá að koma í allri sinni dýrð, og með öllum englum himinsins til þess að sækja fólkið sitt.
Ég lít upp, brosandi, og rétti upp handlegginn sem kveðju. | 22.6.2006 23:37:25 Já þú last rétt, Iceland is a wicked country, and lucky things always seem to happen to me when I am here. Perhaps it is because I have the blessing of the gods who reign over this place -- they have given approval for my chance to grow here, and to learn. I offer my gratitude to them. But anyway, more about last night --

Celtic Cross: Hverfisgata.
As is reported on : "From the outside this place looks like a grim inner city bar, with little to recommend it - inside the atmosphere is better than the Dubliners, Reykjavik's other Irish bar, further down the street. Of course all the tat on the walls is fake, but you can't help being drawn into the atmosphere with candles covering every surface and old oak beams everywhere.
"Very quiet prior to 11, you can often have the place to yourself, because there is no happy hour. Guinness, John Smiths, Kronenbourg, Newcastle, and Fosters are all on draft at 600ISK."
Open to 11pm, 1am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Glaumbar: Tryggvagata 20. Tel: +354 552-6868. Fax: 354 562-6850. Web:
Here you can watch your favorite sport on big screen television, listen to musicians and live bands that appear regularly, and on weekends you can dance until morning to the music of hot Djs of the house.
The management claim: "We serve our thirsty sports fans and other guests the most wide ranging selection of delicious drinks and cocktails as well as Icelandic and imported alcoholic beers.
"We are conveniently located in the heart of Reykjavik."

Grand Rokk: Orkuhúsið er á Suðurlandsbraut 34 á horni Grensásvegar og Suðurlandsbrautar. Sími 520 0170 | Fax 520 0171 | Web:
Check out some of the video klippur (clips) shot in this wild and rowdy venue:

NASA Nightclub: Austurvollur.
The hottest club in Reykjavik, with an entrance charge of 1000ISK (500ISK on Saturday) to match. 100ISK to check in your coat in the cellar, and most of the people who come here are loaded -- so they don't notice.
Originally called the Rex, its a place of stripped pine and beautiful people. Go up the main stairs into the main hall -- a huge room with a bar on either side. Then up the stairs again to a bar over the main door, where you can see everyone freezing in the queue to get in. Up a small stair around the corner of this L shaped bar is the top floor bar, where people huddle in corners and exchange gossip.
Viking is 600ISK, but most people stick to cocktails at 2000ISK a shot. Try it if you have deep pockets and want to mix with the in crowd!
Having read thus far, you might assume that NASA is naught but a corporate hole, but the place does actually have a soul, as Anna Brynja Baldursdóttir revealed in her recent article in Grapevine Online. At the end of the April 2006 Nasa held the Rite of Spring Festival featuring jazz trio Flís, Swedish pop singer Petter Winnberg and 100% Dynamite. Baldursdóttir wrote: "All the tables in the place were taken when we arrived, but we were welcomed to share one with Torstein, a middle-aged Norwegian who was there by himself. He was happy to have some company and to casually inquire about our marital status. The audience in general was diverse. As I skimmed through the audience I realised it was a good deal more diverse than the typical festival crowd. Young couples mixed with teenagers, Rasta women and the whole age range of singletons. Everyone in the audience seemed to be laid back after a day of sun. Even so, Flís took long enough to get onstage that a few people started banging against the wall in protest.
"When Flís started, they immediately won over the audience, including the super-friendly middle-aged skinhead at the table next to us, who particularly enjoyed lyrics about quotas. When keyboardist Davíð of Flís shouted out a question about whether Prime Minister Halldór Ásgrímsson would get a quota (standard issue protest banter these days, as Ásgrímsson and his family established the fishing quota system, and profited generously from it), the skinhead shouted, "Oh yes he'll get the whole thing."
"Flís's blend of calypso music and humorous, sometimes political, lyrics completely won over the audience. Wherever you looked there were smiling faces and wiggling bums. This moment could have been a perfect end to a perfect day.
"But funky Flís were only the first band of three to hit the stage. Swedish pop singer Petter Winnberg was next, presenting new material from his latest solo album. He showed up with a big Swedish band of twelve. I cannot express the letdown when Winnberg turned out one melodic pop song after another. Perhaps had he not followed Flís, or had it been a worse day, or if we had all been hungover. But as it was, Winnberg's set was more than a disappointment, an anti-climax after the exhilaration that came with Flís. By the end of the act, NASA was nearly empty. So there were only a few yawning viewers left when 100% Dynamite came onstage. It seemed an impossible task to pep up the last few..."

Nelly's Bar: Pingholtsstroeti 2, just off Laguavegur.
A spartan, bare, place which may remind you of a student union - and that's not only due to the stench of stale beer. Very quiet during the evening, the bar staff are often the only people in there watching movies on Sky TV with 2 TVs around the walls, or listening to mellow Jazz.
The place heats up after midnight - although the music turns into very poor R&B - with a lot more action up the stairs in the smaller bar there, and then up again to the bigish dancefloor on the top floor with blacked out windows - so in the summer you don't notice the midnight sun.
There is half price Thule to 1am, with Viking 390ISK to 1am, then 600ISK. Theres also Newcastle and Beamish on draft, and a very full alcopop selection. The bargain of Iceland is however Carlsberg, with a 3 for 1 offer to Midnight, and only 600ISK for the lot!

Sirkus: Klapparstigur 31, just off Laguavegur.
With its distinctive puffin motif and its artistic, musical, political clientele, The Sirkus practically hums on every day of the week. On weekends it heaves, and it is standing room only, unless you are lucky to score one of the salvaged bus seats to plunk your ass! Located at Klapparstigur 30 with a nice view of the water and the harbour and the distant headlands and mountains and shit, The Sirkus is the place to come, to see the more anarchic side of Icelandic life.
For more details of what has become Reykjavik's most popular bar, click here.

The Boomkikker (Cafe Amsterdam): Hafnarstroeti 8.
Reykjavik's very own Dutch bar, there's as much Dutch tat on the walls here as you'd find in any Irish bar - except for its origins.
Mostly full of old men, at weekends the cellar has light rock bands, playing classic hits from the 80s. If you hang your coat on the free coatrack by the door - keep an eye on it, and make sure noone swipes it "by mistake".
Viking is 500ISK, and there's also Chimmay in bottles.

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