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Scandinavian Highlights

The beautiful golden summer afternooned canals of Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nyhaven -- Copenhagen Copenhagen Street Scene
Copenhagen Street Scene
Norrebro Copenhagen Gallery
Copenhagen Norrebro Gallery Typical Danes in the Danish capital
Danish Capital Nyhaven, Copenhagen
Nyhaven, Copenhagen Smurfland
Smurfland Icelandic Green Daze
Reykjavik Street Scenes
Reykjavik Harbor
Reykjavik Harbor The Blue Sky
The Blue Sky Crystal Rise
Crystal Rise

Hellisgerði: southwest iceland
WHEN I FIRST PUNCTURED ICELANDIC AIRSPACE IN MID 2003, I SWEAR A TINY FAIRY ENTERED MY AIRPLANE TO SQUEAK IN MY EAR AND BID ME WELCOME TO THE ISLAND. Since that strange experience, I have believed in the Hidden People of Iceland. On my next trip to Iceland next month, I want to actively go seeking them. It is said that mysterious beings reside in the lava fields of Hafnarfjorður, though not all can see them (I must be one of the lucky ones -- I can hear them, I can't see them!) Icelanders have long believed that rocks and cliffs were homes to elves and dwarfs, and in Hafnarfjorður these beings live in peace and harmony with their human neighbours. Many people say they have seen a woman in white, with a silver belt, who is said to live in Hamarinn, reputed to be an elven palace. A woman who lived near Hamarinn told the following story:
She dreamed that she was invited into the rock of Hamarinn. A woman dressed in white led her through the splendid rooms of the palace. As they passed through the rooms, the woman saw many strangely-dressed people, who bowed to the elf woman. This dream lends support to the legend that in Hamarinn live elves of royal descent. There are many stories in Iceland of road-building operations being halted, when accidents have occurred which have been attributed to elves, objecting to the development. Such developments have often been altered to suit the elves: e.g. on Merkurgata in Hafnarfjorður an elven rock has been left projecting into the road, which narrows at that point.

The Hidden Worlds Map, which shows the supernatural sites of Hafnarfjorður as seen by psychic Erla Stefnsdttir, says: Elven beings can be perceived in gardens all over Hafnarfjrur, but the lava is particularly alive with dwarfs, gnomes and all kinds of elemental beings.EThe Hidden Worlds Map is available from the Service Centre in the Town Hall, Strandgata 6, and tourist information centres in Reykjav, and at Ml og menning bookstores. Hidden Worlds Walks Bookings on tel. 694 2785, Walking tour of elven sites, 1 to 2 hours. Mon to Fri 15 June to 15 August: Mon-Wed-Thur at 10.00 14.00, Tues-Fri at 14:30. Tours twice weekly at other times of year. Departure from the Service Centre at the Town Hall, Strandgata 6. Tours at other times by arrangement. E-mail: sibbak@simnet.is . This means you can now travel to Akranes, which is 49 kilometres from Reykjavík, for the same 250 ISK you would pay to take the bus to the mall, making Akranes one of the best travel deals within Iceland."

a k r a n e s : h i g h l i g h t s

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