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Scandinavian Highlights

The beautiful golden summer afternooned canals of Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nyhaven -- Copenhagen Copenhagen Street Scene
Copenhagen Street Scene
Norrebro Copenhagen Gallery
Copenhagen Norrebro Gallery Typical Danes in the Danish capital
Danish Capital Nyhaven, Copenhagen
Nyhaven, Copenhagen Smurfland
Smurfland Icelandic Green Daze
Reykjavik Street Scenes
Reykjavik Harbor
Reykjavik Harbor The Blue Sky
The Blue Sky Crystal Rise
Crystal Rise

Akranes: southwest iceland
REYKJAVIK'S HIP GRAPEVINE MAGAZINE RECENTLY DESCRIBED VISITING AKRANES AS ONE OF THE BEST BUDGET TRAVEL BARGAIN IN ALL OF ICELAND. The reason why? According to the Grapevine: "While this town of about 6,000 people is certainly off the beaten track, the Reykjavík bus company Strætó hf has recently extended its city bus service to include Akranes. This means you can now travel to Akranes, which is 49 kilometres from Reykjavík, for the same 250 ISK you would pay to take the bus to the mall, making Akranes one of the best travel deals within Iceland."

Akranes was first settled in 880 by Irish settlers (the more well known of whom are a pair of Irish brothers, Þormóður and Ketill Bresason), credited as creating one of the first uniquely Christian settlements in Iceland. The Celtic heritage is honoured each second week of July in Akranes with Irish Days, a seven-day family-oriented festival.

According to the Akraneskauparstaður website, The pretty town of Akranes offers a beach, a beautiful forest and a fascinating museum, as well as being home to the nation´s best football team.

"After the construction of the Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel in 1998, the west of Iceland has become easily accessible. You can now skip the lengthy drive around the never-ending fjord of Hvalfjödur and enjoy the beautiful sights that west Iceland has to offer, in less than an hour.

"The town of Akranes lies just across the blue straits and is visible from Reykjavík on a clear day. Settled by Irish brothers in the year 880, it is now a blossoming industrial town with a focus on fishing and fish production. An area worth visiting is the seafront, especially the beautiful sandy beach, Langisandur, stretched below the center of town. "

There are a cluster of interesting museums in the Gardar area of Akranes. The new folk museum at Gardar hosts a large, complete collection of objects showing the industrial development and culture of times past. The objects date from the time of settelment until the last century, and among them you can see old vehicles, a dentist's chair, printing machines, national costumes and even fishing boats. Surrounding the museum are a number of old houses which have been refurbished in their original style and make for a fascinating trip back in time. Next door, the new 630 square metre museum center houses three different museums. The first is a collection of Icelandic rocks and minerals, including an exhibition on the construction of the Hvalfjördur tunnel. The second is the Museum of the Icelandic Geodetic Society , and the third is the Akranes Museum of Sports, which will give visitors an insight into Akranes' great footballing past. You can also find a bicycle which was folded into a ball by a great Icelandic weightlifter!

As TravelNet Island point out on their website: "A walk through the town of Akranes enables you to experience the architectural history of Iceland since the turn of the century. The church, built in 1942 and the old lighthouse built in 1918 are among the most interesting buildings, in addition to many other picturesque houses."

Cafe 15: Kirkjubraut 15, IS-300, Akranes.

Café Galito: A coffee shop-cum-bistro featuring standard fare for reasonable prices.

Hroi Hottur: Skolabraut 14, IS-300, Akranes.

Pizza 67: Skolabraut 20, IS-300, Akranes.

Jadarsbakkalaug: IS-300, Akranes. Tel.: +354 431-2643.

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