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Tail Rack Installation

Riderhaus Five Star FZ1 Tail Rack

Packed with full ultra light gear for a tour on the FZ1 utilizing the Tail Rack,  will allow the flexibility of using motels to stand alone camping for unlimited time out on the road.

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Source of Rack and Supplies:  Riderhaus  

Yamaha FZ1
A long-hauling Super Standard
Riderhaus Five Star Tail Rack Installation
Camping on the FZ1

Installation of the Riderhaus Five Star Tail Rack

....Source of Rack and Supplies:  Riderhaus  
....I traveled on the FZ1 in 2001 without a tail rack with no difficulties.  I used motels and did not camp off the FZ1 during the first summer but intend to use the FZ as a camping platform during the 2002 season.  With the technique I use to strap on equipment and the type of equipment I take,  there is no doubt the I could camp off the FZ by just utilizing the stock grab rails.   I had intended to go without a tail rack because of the lack of acceptable accessories for what I wanted in terms of function and appearance.  However in early Nov 2001, pics of the Riderhaus tail rack were posted in a discussion on the FZOA site.  This rack immediately caught my attention as being just what I needed. I immediately went into the Riderhaus site, communicated with Bob Sims regarding the quality of the rack and payment methods, then ordered the rack. Total cost delivered was $115 from Germany, with a shipping time of between 3-4 weeks.
....The Riderhaus Five Star rack can also be part of an integrated mounting system utilizing  Givi Bags.  I do not use hard bags, but just wanted the tail rack, which I had on my cycles for decades.
....Just give me a tail rack. A rack is just right for the way I long haul. I have tried it all, but for me the only way to go is to use bungee cords and 2-4, 12x24" Cordura duffels for gear, depending on the trip as plastic or camping.  I like the gear behind me in bags. I do not like the feel of hard bags on a bike nor do I like soft saddle bags hanging down low.  Riding two-up, of course, is another issue and will require a bag system of some type. I address my technique on FZ1---Race Tourer and have done it that way for decades. I traveled without the rack this summer, but no camping. The FZ is a wonderful "touring" bike for me. I love the athletic ability of this bike on 300-500 miles days. I added the rack as I want to strap on 1-2 more bags of ultra light camping gear, and discuss what I use on Camping on the FZ1. The stock grab bars will work but the rack will be much better. Neither however, have the optimum bungee points, but the tail rack supplies a larger, solid surface to bungee too.  
....The communication and service from Riderhaus is first class.  The quality of the rack is first class.  However, the rack comes only with a parts list in German and a schematic diagram. Thus it takes while to figure out where the four different length sets of mounting bolts are utilized. There are two sets of thicker spacers that apparently can be used under the mounting points. I did not use them as I wanted all the surface contact with the frame and rack that was possible. The rack fits without the spacers but I am not sure they do not need to be used.  I will have to run the bike awhile to find out. My only issue as all is the lack of good mounting instructions, but the diagrams that follow will let you mount the rack in just a few minutes.  The stock grab handles come off very easily and the new rack will go on in minutes.
....The rack is strong enough and solid enough to pick up the back of the bike.   Test mounting four full bags of gear across the seat and rack indicates to me that everything will work very nicely for my style of tour camping.
....I repeat the Riderhaus rack is first class, plus Bob and Laura Sims offer first class service.  The Five Star Tail Rack looks good on the FZ and will function for extra space to bungee gear if that is what one wants, or will become part of the Givi bag system if that is what one wants.

Installation of the Riderhaus Five Star Tail Rack on the FZ1
With a visual this will be one of easiest wrenching sessions ever, and the rack will be outstanding, plus can be removed very quickly if one only wants to use it for short durations.  It will be in permanent use on my FZ.

Organize the hardware.









....Organize the mounting hardware.
....Find and place the correct brackets and bolts by each mounting point to visualize the correct placement.
....Note a washer will be used on the frame mounting bolts.  I did not use the thicker spacers, but they can be utilized to alter the mounting angles.

Collect your tools and remove the stock grab rails.

....Collect your tools and equipment.  I only used a 10 mm socket and nut driver, and an eight mm hex socket.  I continue to "harp," buy great tools.  They are worth the investment and save many times their value in shop dollars.  Get 6 point sockets, never 12 point sockets as they will destroy the heads of the fasteners (12 pointers make gifts for your enemies).  I buy Sear's as they can be trusted.  Sear's will back their tools and have a complete line to fit most of our need plus they are easy to find. I stay away from discounts, home stores and most other places.  I am an idiot wrench but a good tool collector.
....The stock grab rails are very easy to remove.  Take off the seat.  Find and remove the two 10mm fasteners securing the grab rail.  I would put the hardware in a Zip-lock and label for future use, plus protect the rail in cloth during storage.


Install the new Tail Rack

....There will be fairly large rectangular holes left in the tail cowling when the stock grab rail is removed.  
....Insert a rubber grommet in each hole.  The grommet will not seal the hole at all, but will offer some protection to the mounting points.
....Loose mount the correct brackets to the frame points, then loose mount the rack to the brackets.
....Then start to tighten up the fasteners in a logical sequence, a little at a time. 
....Firm the fasteners up all the way around the rack at all eight points, but do not torque them down fully until all are firm.
....Torque for the fasteners is 24 nm.  I just tightened all firmly and may go back after several local rides and correctly torque the fasteners, as they are very easy to get at.  

....I inserted the six rubber plugs into the holes on top of the sides of the rack, but they did not insert easily/smoothly.  I am guessing  cargo bags will knock them out.  There are no plugs for the pack two hold, top and bottom, so I have plugged them with Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive Sealant; any brand would work. An initial build up of sealant was used and then more added later to continue to build up the silicone plug and seal the hole.  If water does settle into the tubes it will collect down at the front mounting position and undoubtedly cause excessive corrosion at that point, but the entire inner tubing will corrode to some degree, thus it is better to seal the holes.  I will eventually remove the plugs and seal the six top holes.  I do not intend to mount hard bags, but the sealant will come out if one wants to do that later.  


Riderhaus Five Star FZ1 Tail Rack, installed and ready to use.

Utilizing the FZ1 Tail Rack, my way.



Camping on the FZ1

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