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UNIT members are not confined to just Iowa. We have active members in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Great Britain and Australia.

There are some that have become so much a part of our home group we have promoted them to Honorary Iowans, and all of the duties that entails (shoveling driveways, shucking corn and driving very slowly behind tractors, to name just a few).

Kel Adey - Australia
Nancy Donnell - Nevada
Robert Franks - Minnesota
Mark Donovan - Great Britain
John A.K. Gunther - Minnesota

There are also the select few who are not UNIT members and are not active in our group. These are the wonderful actors who portrayed the Doctor and his companions that we have had occasion to meet, chat with or hob nob around at the ChicagoTARDIS conventions.


During ChicagoTARDIS 2000 we inducted Sylvester McCoy (UK), Mary Tamm (UK) and John Leeson (UK).

During ChicagoTARDIS 2001 we inducted Nicholas Courtney (UK), Richard Franklin (UK) and John Levene (California).