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Exiled in Iowa

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Exiled in Iowa is the Universal Network of Iowan Timelords' infrequent, informal gathering of UNIT members and Doctor Who fans from all across Iowa and the surrounding states. Each and every one of the six gatherings have been a huge success, and anyone who has been will tell you, a good time is had by all.

Exiled in Iowa 13: "FACTS, FICTION AND THREATS OF TIME TRAVEL" 09.17.2005

Exiled in Iowa 12: (The One With No Title) 05.28.2005

Exiled in Iowa 11: "The Doctor Is Dead! Long Live The Doctor" 09.11.2004

Exiled in Iowa 10 : "Iowa - Con!" 04.03.2004

Exiled in Iowa 9 : "Monsters and Robots and Time Lords, oh my!" 10.04.2003

Exiled in Iowa 8 : "It's the End, but the moment has been prepared for..." 05.24.2003

Exiled in Iowa, Episode 7: Evil 09.21.2002

Return Of The Revenge Of The Exiled Cutaway Of Doom 07.13.2002

Exiled in Iowa 6 : "Knock Knock, Who's There!" 04.13.2002

Exiled Cutaway 05.26.2001

Exiled in Iowa 5 : "The Cosmic Hobo" 09.22.2001

Exiled in Iowa, Episode 4: Odds and Sods 02.10.2001

Exiled in Iowa, Episode 3: Klunkerfest 09.27.2000

The Event Formerly Known As Exiled 2.5 05.27.2000

Exiled in Iowa, Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo 02.14.2000