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The Golden Dalek Award

Last Updated: September 2004
The Golden Dalek Award is given to UNIT members who go above and beyond the call of duty to help promote UNIT. Either by promoting UNIT, Doctor Who and Sci-Fi fandom to the general public or helping run the Exiled gatherings.

The recipients of the Golden Dalek Award are:

Lea Hays for outside promotion of UNIT - March 2000
Molly Benson for valuable service at the Exileds - September 2000
TR Sammis for founding of the SFFN website - February 2001
Jeff Elston for dedication and promotion to UNIT - September 2001
Mike Williams for valuable service at the Exileds - February 2002

Robert Franks for being part of the original Restoration Team
and great help with videos at the Exileds - September 2002
Jeremy Bement for valuable service to UNIT - February 2004
Bill Albert : UNIT Founder - September 2004