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  Places to Go Producer, Microsoft Washington Sidewalk

 Washington, DC, May, 1997 - October, 1999

I joined Washington Sidewalk five months prior to launch, initially planning the site and creating a Places to Go (P2G)  database with over 1,300 entries in 30 categories. Categories included Washington's "Capital Treasures" as well as garden-variety museums and monuments, parks, sports and entertainment venues, theaters, tours, amusement parks, and much, much more. 

Following launch, until Microsoft sold Sidewalk to CitySearch, I assigned or wrote stories for four weekly features.

  • Get In — Day trips within Washington.

  • Get Out — Day trips near Washington (within a  90-minute drive of the White House)

  • family.fun – Adventures for adults and smaller children 

  • CapitaList/Keyword — Imaginative amalgamations of stores, services, attractions


A Day at the Tidal Basin Tour
Polo at the Tidal Basin – Free chukkers, BYO Pimm's Cup
Tidal Basin Circle Cruise – Roosevelt and Jefferson, cherry trees and pedal boat
Scott Circle
Outside Scott Circle – Infuriating intersection with startling statuary
Inside Scott Circle – Jewish museum and world of snacks
Baseballtown, D.C.
Washington Baseball History – The scent of the Senators
Washington Baseball Today – Sports bars and memorabilia
Christmas Light Show
The Bishop's House – 10,000 points of light
The Bishop's Neighborhood – Hot chocolate and matzo ball soup
Military Maneuvers
  Based in D.C. – Where four branches of the military – plus the Coast Guard – report for daily duty
Greenbelt, Maryland
Old Greenbelt – The New Deal lives in Depression-era planned suburb
Greenbelt Today – Small-town flavor and cooperative spirit
Military Intelligence
National Cryptologic Museum – Spook house shares its secrets
Fort Meade – Armed camp welcomes you with open arms


Alexandria's Farmers' Market
America's Oldest Farmers' Market – Wake up and smell the kale
A Market Square Morning – George Washington supped here.
Southwest Baltimore
B&O Railroad Museum – Trains contribute to the Baltimore mystique
SoWeBo – Mencken's old 'hood no place for the "booboisie"
Columbia, Maryland
According to Plan – A 'rational model' for a city
Commercial Columbia – Much more than The Mall

Crystal City

            U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Museum – The mother of all invention museums
            Crystal City Shops – The underground economy
          Last Stop: Glenmont
          Glenmont Center – Duckpins and pιtanque
          Brookside Gardens – A Metro-accessible slice of heaven

Upper Marlboro Country

Upper Marlboro – History, horses, hockey, tobacco, and alleged perps
Show Place Arena – Sports showcase of Prince George's County
Take Me Out to the Airport: Flights of fancy at  Baltimore-Washington International
The Wright Stuff: Hands-on (joystick) fun at College Park Aviation Museum
KidShop: Where children get into the wood work
Port Discovery: Baltimore Inner Harbor attraction moves at the speed of kids
Accessible Playgrounds: Opportunity Park, Bowie, MD; Hadley's Park, Potomac, MD
Now This! Kids! Where the whole audience gets into the act
Build-A-Bear Workshop: Design-your-own Teddys at Tysons
Chesapeake Children's Museum: Bay bounty plus the pizza rat
Discovery Creek: Wade into feelers-on nature workshops
ExploraWorld: It leaves everything to the imagination
Frederick, Maryland: Historic city remains young-at-heart
West End Dinner Theatre: Lunchtime matinees for kids


Non-touristy Tours   Where locals check out local color
Washington Movies DC is ready for its close-up
NATO Sampler Where to get a taste of homeland
Off-Mall Museums Ten great ones the tourists haven't found yet
Stores for Guys Fun and games for dad's inner child
Outdoor Pools The best water slides, wave pools, lap lanes under the sun
Open for Xmas Refuges from the spirit of Christmas Present
Marion Barry How can we miss you if you won't go away?


Keyword: Seinfeld Set in N.Y., filmed in L.A., connected to D.C.
Keyword: Titanic Going overboard for sunken ship
Keyword: Peace All we are saying...is give peace a look
Keyword: Beatty & MacLaine Local brother-sister act boffo in Tinseltown
Keyword: Scandal Presidential indiscretion is a Washington tradition
Keyword: Iraq Check out the bad boy of the Middle East
Keyword: Time Clock watchers guide to Washington 
Keyword: Martin Luther King Washington honors a civil rights hero
Keyword: Congress Where to see Capitolists — at work, at play, at peace
Keyword: Dylan Traces of Dylan are blowin' in the wind
Keyword: Gershwin It's very clear, Gershwin is here to stay
Keyword: Olympics How Washington carried the torch for Nagano
Keyword: Boats Shipshape places that crank your craft
Keyword: Wisconsin Land of the cheeseheads, home of the brats
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