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  CapitaList / Keyword: "Seinfeld"

 Imaginative amalgamations of stores, service providers, attractions


Non-touristy Tours   Where locals check out local color
Washington Movies DC is ready for its close-up
NATO Sampler Where to get a taste of homeland
Off-Mall Museums Ten great ones the tourists haven't discovered yet
Stores for Guys Fun and games for dad's inner child
Outdoor Pools Best water slides, wave pools, lap lanes under the sun
Open for Xmas Where to avoid the spirit of Christmas Present
Marion Barry How can we miss you if you won't go away?


Keyword: Seinfeld Set in N.Y., filmed in L.A., connected to D.C.
Keyword: Titanic Going overboard for sunken ship
Keyword: Peace All we are give peace a look
Keyword: Beatty & MacLaine Local brother-sister act make splash in Tinseltown
Keyword: Scandal Presidential indiscretion is a Washington tradition
Keyword: Time Clock watchers guide to Washington
Keyword: Martin Luther King Washington honors a civil rights hero
Keyword: Congress Where to see Capitolists at work, at play, at peace
Keyword: Dylan Traces of Dylan are blowin' in the wind
Keyword: Gershwin It's very clear, Gershwin is here to stay
Keyword: Olympics How Washington carried the torch for Nagano
Keyword: Boats Shipshape places that crank your craft
Keyword: Wisconsin Land of the cheeseheads, home of the brats
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