Bishop's Neighborhood
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  Parkway Deli

Hot chocolate and matzo-ball soup

• Starbucks Coffee, East-West Highway and Colesville Road, Silver Spring, (301) 563-6850
• Einstein Brothers Bagels, East-West Highway and Colesville Road, Silver Spring, (301) 587-2136
• Oriental East, 1290 East-West Hwy., Silver Spring, (301) 608-0030
• Rosita, 8649 16th St., Silver Spring, (301) 588-9063
• Parkway Deli & Restaurant, 8317 Grubb Rd., Silver Spring, (301) 587-1427


By Theodore Fischer, Washington Sidewalk

For a post-viewing warm-up drink or nourishment, you'll have to exit the bishop's strictly residential neighborhood. You won't have to go too far, but you will have to cross one state line and a few cultural transformations.

Closest to the Bishop's House (only geographically) is the almost-new Starbucks next to the Silver Spring Metro station. If you need more than high-test coffee concoctions and bakery goods to warm your cockles, Einstein Brothers Bagels next door serves sandwiches and other hearty fare.

Cater-cornered to the Giant grocery store off Colesville Road, Oriental East does dim sum respectable enough for members of the local Chinese community plus signature dishes like Sichuan shrimp and Chinese broccoli.

Rosita, in a strip mall up 16th Street, is a clean, dependable and as-yet undiscovered Mexican-Salvadoran restaurant whose menu includes burgers 'n' fries with Latin flair.

The most appealing nearby restaurant – and the furthest thing from Christmas – is the Parkway Deli & Restaurant, about a half-mile (as the reindeer fly) due west. Parkway matches fragrantly authentic New York deli fare – corned beef and pastrami, blintzes and the acclaimed matzo-ball soup – with a New York noise level, schmoozing waitresses and tables crammed tight enough to allow eavesdropping on conversations more riveting than your own. (Parkway acknowledges the New York connection with photographs of Manhattan food shrines like the Carnegie Deli, Zabar's and Ratner's.) This family-friendly place also doles out coffee specialty drinks, ice cream in all its glorious forms and deadly coffee–ice cream combinations. If lines are fierce, tell 'em the bishop sent you. It can't hurt. 

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