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Freeform Tatting

Waterlilies, 2002.

Two-Needle Tatting
Celtic Tatting II

doodle 1 doodle 2a doodle 2b Here are a couple doodles I did last night. In the black, white, and orange motif, the white section was done first, using a conventional tatting shuttle. Beneath it are both sides of a small black and white motif. Thread is VOG perle cotton 8. Tatted May 25, 1999.

I'm not sure whether this technique is new. I was thinking about the discussion on interlaced rings on Arachne and it occurred to me that there might be a way to do true interlacing-- that is, interlocking the rings and chains instead of simply slipping rings through other rings and securing them with a picot join, as is the norm in most Celtic tatting, or interlocking rings by slipping the shuttle through a ring before it has been tightened.

netting needleI realised that the limitation on most of these techniques is imposed by the bulk of the shuttle and the ball of thread. If these could be reduced, then the design possibilities would be greatly expanded. So here it is: Two-Needle Tatting. The "shuttle" is a tatting needle and the "ball" is a netting shuttle. You can slip the tatting needle and netting shuttle through just about any tight space and weave, braid, and interlace the chains and rings to your heart's content!

Split ring tatting: This technique will work with split rings but if you are using a lot of split rings in a round, you should probably use two netting shuttles, or else you will have to rethread the tatting needle very frequently.

Holy Snakes of St. Patrick, Batman!

This is my first Celtic tatted bookmark. It wasn't easy, so don't expect me to write up a pattern any time soon!

This is my second attempt. The split rings (round 1) and the outside round were shuttle-tatted. The 2nd round was done with a needle and netting shuttle.


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