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Web Links

  • NEW Fiber Judaica Links
  • Knitting

  • The Fiber Gypsy , of course. Lots of information on garment sizes, needle conversions, etc.
  • Maeve's page . Amazing spinning and knitting. A must-see for lace and Shetland shawl lovers.
  • Shetland Wool Brokers . Patterns, cobweb yarn, knitting belts, wooly boards.
  • Leigh Witchel's site . Intriguing mixture of the cerebral and outta control. Wild knitting.
  • Wool Works : the Online Knitting Compendium. One of the largest knitting sites on the web. Patterns, discussion boards, resources, stores, links.

    Bobbin Lace, Netting and Tatting

  • Akhars Gallery . Russian site with lovely examples of beaded tatting done by Rina Stepnaya and friends.
  • Annelies de Kort has done some astounding work in miniatures and lace. You must see the famous Cake Buffet (bobbin lace) and her miniature lace shop.
  • Rita Bartholomew's Netting Site is the best (and one of the only) netting sites on the web.
  • Dreams of Lace . Christiane Eichler's site is available in English and German. Tatting and bobbin lace.
  • Sharon Briggs' incredible animated tatting demos!.
  • The Lacemaker's home page. Home of the Arachne list, a valuable resource for beginning or improving lacemakers. Mostly bobbin lace but tatters, knitters and suppliers also hang out there.
  • Legacy of Lace . Resource for 17th and 18th cent. lace.
  • Jacqui Southworth , lace and supplies.
  • Tattered . LaRae Mikulecky's site. One of the best tatting sites on the web.
  • Suzann Welker's page . Tatting pictures, patterns and a scan of her prize winning Pam Palmer dragon.


  • Spindlitis home page and archives for devotees of hand spindles. If you overlook the remarkably unattractive graphics and layout, there is some useful information here.

    Textiles - general

  • Fibernet . Ron Parker's site. Home of the List of Fiber-related lists.
  • The Wool Home contains useful basic info about wool grades and technical aspects of commercial wool production.

    Art and Clip Art

  • bad art for the few, mediocre art for the many! OK. We all know what the Mona Lisa looks like. Here's a site which gives equal time to stuff which should never have seen the light of day. Regular updates.
  • The Coracle . A magazine of Celtic art and calligraphy.
  • Moyra's Web Jewels .... Whenever I need some inspiration for web graphics her site never fails to make an impression.


  • For the adventurous cook: Fiery Foods Super Site and Chile God .
  • Archive of . Wonderful collection of recipes from various contributors. Searchers for garlic pickles and pickled ginger need look no further.

    Farther afield

  • Archie McPhee's catalogue . Your source for rubber chickens, squeaking nuns and other stuff. You'll wonder how you managed to live this long without it.

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